Chapter 15

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Pipers PoV
I woke up at 7am. Feeling good about today I walked out into the kitchen and realised everyone was still asleep, and me being the nice person I am, decided to make breakfast. I quickly made the pancake batter and started to cook as I got all the plates, knives and forks out as well as some maple syrup. I dyed the pancakes blue and got to work on separating them fairly between what seemed like twenty people. Again, me being the nice person I am, quickly set everyone's alarms to full volume to go at the exact same time so when you woke up there'd be full on screeching from everyone's alarm. And as I thought, it worked, a few squeals, screams, cuss words but overall everyone was awake. Grumbling they came from their rooms. Their faces lit up though once they saw their breakfast. "I should be angry Piper, but this breakfast makes me forgive you." Percy said, looking at his blue pancakes, everyone laughed, the avengers casting a few weirded out faces at Percy's pancakes. "Don't ask," Percy said, noticing their glances.

No ones PoV
Once everyone was done, Piper grabbed the girls arms. That included Calypso, Natasha, Hazel, Annabeth and Wanda. Including Piper herself. "Girls day!" She cried. She walked to the elevator doors which opened and showed Thalia and Reyna. "We are going to have so much fun. First will be picking out outfits, then we'll go shopping and then it'll be face masks, pizza and just a bunch of things." Piper squealed as they ran towards her wardrobe. Once there they found a letter on her bed.

Hey girls!
To make your day better, this letter contains tickets for a flight to London. Flight is at 1pm, I have your outfits picked and suitcases packed, you just need to pack your personal things. Apart from that, you should be reading this at 9 o'clock, leaving you 3 hours to get ready.

Have a good day, Aphrodite XO.

They all started squealing at the thought of going to London, the boys quickly ran into the room, "what's wrong, spider?" Percy asked quickly. Piper ran up to Jason, hugging him, she let go, "we're going to London, you guys are staying here. Now shoo!" Leo pouted but they all left.

Annabeth PoV - Sorry I'm switching perspectives so many times 😅

We stood at the door, waving to our boyfriends, suitcases in hand as we got into the van. I got into the passenger seat as Piper got into the drivers seat. Behind us was Calypso, Wanda and Thalia and behind them was Natasha, Hazel and Reyna.

"First, we're getting food and then we'll go to the airport. It's only 10:30, we have to be there at 11:30. It takes half an hour to get there." And so with that said, Piper drove us to the closest drive thru of a store I didn't know. "Coke." I said, "Coke for me too please!" Thalia cried out. I looked back and figured who wanted what. "Three cokes, two Pepsi's, one frozen Fanta and one mocha frappe and one lemonade, all large." Piper ordered. We went up and payed before going and getting the drinks. We handed them all out before leaving for the airport.

I turned up the radio as everyone started singing to the Disney song on. "Caaaann youuu feelll the lovvveeee tonighttt!!" Piper sang out, as we all laughed, me the loudest, "The Lion King is so good Annabeth, don't laugh, just sing." Thalia said in defence to my laughing. We had a karaoke and decided the best singer had to either be Calypso or Piper. "Oh my gosh, this my jam." Piper cried as Colours of The Wind came on, from Pocahontas. She turned it up. "Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon." She sang delicately. "You need to paint with all the colours of the winddddd," we joined in.

"Next!" Natasha called as a song from a movie she didn't like came on. "Come onnn, Let It Go is the best."
"I agree with Natasha, it reminds me of Khione to much."
"Boohoo, Elsa is like, my queen."
"Thalia, your queen should be Artemis."
"No, she's like my boss,"
"Uh huh. Wonder what she would say to that-" the argument was cut off as the chorus came on of Let it go and Thalia broke out into song. Natasha sighed in distaste. We all laughed as we arrived at the airport. "Nawww, I love this song." Hazel said sadly. "It's all good Hazel, we can listen to it later."

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