Meet the charcters

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Hi everyone to participate in the story follow the insta escape_interactive_story

Long brown hair with purple dyed tips with tan skin and green eyes. normally wears black and loves adidas. The classic bad boy type hates everyone and girly things, asexual. Female

Short black hair with light skin and hazel eyes, wears casual clothing. The shy sporty one, Transgender. Male

Curly blonde hair with slightly tan skin and blue eyes, wears sporty clothing. The smart ass/ bully, Straight. Male

Short brown hair with dark skin and amber eyes, wears pink and red. The nerd, gay. Male

Long blonde hair with light skin and blue eyes, wears pretty much anything. The creepy dumb one, straight. Female

Curly dark brown hair with tan skin and one light blue eye and one green eye. The rude quiet one, bi. Female

This is all the people
Remember to decide their fate
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This first season is just a trailer of enough people like this and participate next time there will be more characters and plot twists and suprising things

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