A Different Kind of Foursome

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Y/N's ears twitched as he heard someone calling out to him. He rubbed them before going back to sleep and grumbling in his sleep.

"Five more minutes mom..." Y/N mumbled as he held whatever was closest to him. He rubbed his face on it before he quickly felt a fist slam into the side of his head. "WHAT?!"

Y/N shot up with his eyes open and fists up. His flames erupted out of him as he stared down none other than Raven. Turning the heat down, he sighed and slouched.

"The hell was that for..." Y/N groaned rubbing his bloodshot eyes. Once he got a better look he noticed Raven was standing in front of a woman with black hair and red tips accompanied by a white cloak covering her head. She was currently stuttering with a terrified look on her face as Y/N's vision adjusted. "Okay...we're not in Vale anymore Toto."

Y/N pinched himself as he closed his eyes and lied down. He kept mumbling to himself as Raven walked over to him and looked down with a deadpan.

"Y/N. What are you doing?"

"I'm not doing this again. Man I hate these dreams!" Y/N whined as he sat up. "This is the second time....I should know this by now."

"Know what?" A sophisticated yet alluring voice spoke up as a white haired woman stepped into Y/N's few. He immediately flopped back down as he groaned.

"Really? Why are you in my dreams Schnee?"

"Should I be flattered?" Winter asked Raven as the black haired woman sighed.

"Who knows what this pervert is dreaming about." Raven bent down and picked Y/N up as she dusted him off before being sarcastic. "Ladies...our king."

"Well there's nobody better for the job." Winter said admiring the view of her king. "I must say he's matured greatly in the span of a decade. Did you know you were ranked Remnants most popular man?"

"If I'm Remnants most popular man then the gods definitely came and destroyed the world." Y/N muttered. "Well if you can't beat em, join em. So!"

Y/N wiggled out of Ravens grasp as he cracked his neck.

"What and why are we here for?"

Looking back behind Raven he saw the stuttering woman still blushing madly. Cocking an eyebrow he went up to Ravens ear.

"Is uh...is Ruby okay?" Y/N whispered as Raven closed her eyes in annoyance.

"You really are an idiot." Raven sighed. "Thats Summer. Not Ruby. How many times are you going to mess this up, my king?"


"You we're asleep in the chair and Summer tried waking you up. Luckily for us, you began trying to cuddle with her. Now she's been broken. I swear you guys have done it as many times as we have and she's still as innocent as Ruby." Raven sighed as she walked to her red chair with the spring maidens symbol on it. Winter followed suit towards her white chair with the winter maidens symbol on it. The orange chair with the fall maiden symbol was empty as Summer still looked confused next to her chair. They were all paced around a rectangular table with Y/N positioned at the front with a flaming black tiger symbol on his own black chair. The room was decently sized, as he got a better look, and was filled with all sorts of maps, equipment, and monitors that displayed numerous things. Winter began tapping away at a projection of a keyboard before a holographic view of Remnant appeared above the table.

"I shall give my report of Atlas first..." Winter began as Y/N just watched on while she and Raven began discussing. He blinked a few times before looking at Summer who had stopped stuttering, but was now extremely confused and looked terrified

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