Chapter 35

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Consultation from last chapter...

(A/N: Imma end this at 38 chapters. It's gon be a sequel so don't trip😂.)

"Y'all know eachother?" Jewel asked. Lucas nodded.

"Yeah it wasn't nothing. She was just one of my very close friends." He said. Jamell looked between me and him.

"Destiny come here. Speedy. Fast." Bryson said grabbing me and pulling me in his room. Kentrell got up and followed us.

"Wassup wit you and Lucas?" Bryson asked. I sighed.

"Long story." I said.

"Nah because when you saw him you froze up. Do I gotta put a bag on his head or sumn for you?" Kentrell asked. I shook my head.

"Anyways let's go back out here. Destiny we gon talk about this tomorrow." Bryson said. I chuckled slightly and went back in the living room. I look and see Mariah. Now why the fuck?

"Oh y'all this my sister Mariah." Lucas said. I shook my head and sat next to Jamell he wrapped his arm around me and pecked my lips. My phone dinged and it was Kentrell.

Slimeball💚🐍: All the snakes in here making my dick itch

Dentrell 😂😂😂😂 don't be so mean

"Where the twins at?" Kentrell asked.

"In they rooms." Jamell said. Kentrell got up and went to the twins room. They came back and they say between Me and Jamell.

"I can't believe y'all parents. Destiny you gon be a lil soccer mom." Ken said. I flicked him off.

"How old are they?" Mariah asked.

"1." I said plainly. Ion like her and don't wanna talk to her. She knows this. My phone dinged and it was a text from Bryson.

Baby Mexico🇲🇽: Tell Mariah ugly ass to be quiet😂

Bryson chill😂😂

Baby Mexico🇲🇽: Mariah really ugly she look like a straight nigga sis more manly looking than me

I closed my phone and covered up my laugh like I was coughing. That shit took me out. Bryson has no chill. Jamell gave me a look and I nodded and got up. I followed him upstairs to our bedroom.

"Tell that nigga to leave my house." He said.

"I mean- I can't really do that. It's your sister's boyfriend." I said looking down.

"You right. I'm bout to kick em out my self."

"Jamell stop."

"So you defending this nigga!" He yelled. I'm not doing this today.

"I'm not doing this with you Maurice. I promise you I'm not." I said.

"Nah! You should let me kill this nigga bruh!"

"And then what!? Yo stupid ass gon be in a damn jail cell! For the rest of ya fucking life!" I yelled back.

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