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Chapter three

Monicas POV

I was getting stressed! I had nothing to wear! Seriously everything decent that I owned was in the washing machine. Why does Mum akways just happen to do this! There was only one way I could solve this, I didn't want to but it's what I have to do. Call Emily.

"Yeah sure i'll be there in five with something sexy!" Emily agreed.

"Wait no-" I tried to tell her. Too late she had already hung up. I didn't want something 'sexy' because when it comes to sexy with Em I think she over does it.

Right on time. Five minutes later the door bell rung. No one else was home so I had to get the door. Running down the stairs I opened the door and Emily barged in.

"Alright we don't have long, put this on hurry up then I have to do your hair" She ordered me.

"What we have an hour!" I agured.

"Exactly, so hurry" She said impationly.

Exactly 55 minutes later I was standing in front of my mirror.

"No freaking way am I wearing this in public" I told her.

I was wearing a red very short and very tight strapeless dress with black heels. My hair looked like sex hair, and I had way too much eye make up on.

"Come one just give it a go, I'm sure Jason will love it" Em winked.

"Uh, Em no! I look like a slut!" I complained.

"No, you look like me" She corrected.

"Exactly" I muttered. But she still managed to hear me, we both giggled.

"Fine i'll give it a go but when I say we're leaving, we are leaving right!" I told her.

She soluted "Alright let's go"

We walked in and straight away Em saw some guy and left me. Great. This was way more packed then Jace's parties usually are. Every guy looked at me when I walked past them, and I had to admit I did enjoy it.

I found Devon sitting on one of the couchs. He moved over when he saw me approaching so there was room for both of us.

"Wow you look, wow" He told me.

I blushed.

"Well thankyou" I smiled.

A couple joined us on the couch and they were sitting practically on me. I didn't want to know what they were doing. So Devon lifted me up and let me sit on his lap.

"Sorry I should of asked first, I just thought I better save you before they killed you" He laughed. His laugh was a rich dreamy laugh. It make me shiver.

When he tucked my hair behind my ears it made me smile. But then his hand came in contact with my cheek and I got a shiver again. This time it wasn't a good a shiver. It made me want to run and never look back. I almost got up but he interupted my thoughts.

"Sorry babe I gotta go do something, see you soon" He kissed me on the top of the head and sat me on the couch.

The badness I was feeling before is all gone now. I just smiled. Woah woah, he called me babe then kissed me even though it was on top of my head, it was still a kiss. I'd have to ask him about that later because I still had a boyfriend that I loved deeply.

I couldn't find Jason anywhere. I was annoyed because usually he would come down and meet me. I was bored and noticed a cute guy smiling at me, so I danced with him for awhile. He wanted to take it a bit further but I told him I'm not interested so he just smiled and walked away.

I found the punch and got a drink. I was sitting down when I noticed Devon had returned back to this room. I was gonna go talk to him since no one else was talking to me but I stopped when I saw the girl who was holding his hand. Oh. My. God. Tina Shank aka Tina Skank. She seriously was the biggest skank at our school and she loved it. They were dancing and grinding. I couldn't help but keep watching him, until I was so annoyed I got up and left. I went into one of the bathrooms to freshen up. I walked in as three girls were in mid conversation.

"Oh god I know right, he is totally so hot. I saw him and Tina were seen leaving one of the bedrooms about half an hour ago" One of them told the other two.

I couldn't believe it. He doesn't even know her! I don't know why I was getting so angry it's not like I have feelings for him.. right?

I stormed out of the bathroom and after three tries found a free bedroom. I just sat there, it was Jaces older sisters room. I think she's in Africa or something.

I hadn't told anyone but my mum and dad were getting a divorce and my brother is about to move out. I'm gonna hate it at home now. And with Devon screwing around with girls it just makes me so upset!

I started crying, for lots of reasons. There was a slight tap on the door. I didn't say anything because I didn't want anyone knowing I was in here. The door opened and there was male voice and a girl giggling. I quickly hid in the ensuite. I cracked the door open a little to see who was there. It was another girl from my school, Sophie I think her name was and she was taking clothes of a boy I couldn't see his face.. OH MY GOD it was Devon! You have got to be kidding me, he is disgusting! I was so angry I opened up the bathroom door.

"I can't believe you! I thought you were a decent person! You disgust me Devon!" Then I ran out crying. Ran all the way home even though it was about an hour walk home.

Devons POV

I saw her dancing with another boy. It made me so angry. So I knew what I had to do to make her jealous. Sleep with the school slut and I made sure everyone saw us leave the room.

But I honestly didn't know she was in the ensuite. I thought she would of been out in the loungeroom dancing or something. Then someone would tell her what i'd done again. I didn't mean for her to see me. I didn't mean to make her upset.

I quickly put my shirt back on and ran out of the room looking for her. She was long gone. That look on her face said she'll never forgive something. This is so much bigger than just a crush I needed to make her love me, instead i've hurt the only human I could of loved. Did I forget to mention that i'm not actually fully human? Yeah that's right. I am half human and half demon. My mother was human my dad suduced her and killed her after I was born. It's in my genes to do the same. It needs to be done.

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