Chapter 1

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"So I guess we're done right?" 

That was the text that lit up the cracked screen of Samantha Lansend's iPhone 7 late on a Wednesday night. It was her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend Jack Vand. 

They were done. Two and a half years had turned out to be a total waste of time and what Samantha considered to be one of the worst mistakes she'd made in her 29 years of life. Just ten months away from her 30th birthday and she was about to be single all over again.

But the break up was her decision. She'd made up her mind back in October when she and Jack got into a raging fight about the mortgage on their house. Sam had been fired from her job and was racking up her American Express bill -- she owed Jack $300 for the mortgage and was two weeks late -- but she was good for it. She'd had been working odd jobs, selling things on Facebook Marketplace and trying to pay her bills -- and her boyfriend -- for their house.

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