Get Out

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Cassie: "Lets take a picture Lo we both look the fuck good!!"

     Alright girl but hurry up!

   Where we going anyway? I see you trying to "get out" while Poppa Diddy out of town

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   Where we going anyway? I see you trying to "get out" while Poppa Diddy out of town... I laughed
   Cassie: "Bitch see stop playing he isn't my dad he just likes to be in-control! You'll love that feeling when you find someone who puts it down! "
    See Cass I just threw up in my mouth I don't wanna hear all that shit. Where Khadijah and Malika?  .... I must've spoke toooo soon because here they loud asses go coming down the stairs.

"ARE YALL READY TO TURN THE FUCK UP OR WHAT?" Both twins said at the same time.

   Oh here the hell yall go with bull....
come on and it better not be any shit happening tonight! We grown as hell now, We can't be seen acting an ass specially now that we are in the public eye!

Malika: "If I have just a certain amount of drinks don't blame me you know how I get!"

Khadijah: Well girl maybe you should check in a rehab if its that deep

Malika: "RELAX. You only live once"

"Yall so crazy" I laughed rolling my eyes.

Cassie: "Well, we all know Danny right?"

    "TopShelf?" I asked.

Khadijah: Duh that Danny bitch what other Danny thats doing it big do you fucking know?

Malika: "RIGHT"

  See hush. I just gotta make sure you know I don't just go to anybody get together. Y'all gone come up off me!

Pulling Up to the scene:

Danny been a friend of mine for the longest he's honestly like a brother. He works with literally everybody in the industry! When we got inside his little "get together" he has pictures of everybody who he has ever worked with but one particular set up stood out to me. As we walked into his house he had a "Crenshaw" Logo on his wall. Then a picture of Nipsey Hussle throwing up 60s along with everything he has done or accomplished. Nipsey is very big around our area he is really putting on for our city and I've never heard him in anything bad. He seemed like cool people but I remember back in 2009 a video was sent to me by my manager of him listing me as one of his celebrity crushes . That boy so crazy! He had to be joking I couldn't take him serious the way he was slouched up on the couch like he owns the world. If I didn't know better he's the type of person I'll date back in high school. From his videos I  love that hood with some intelligence ass demeanor. 

  Danny: "Hey Lauren, Cassie, Malika, and Khadijah"

  Malika: "Hey Danny where the drinks at bro? Seem like you on some classy shit tonight"

   Khadijah: "Well damn can we make it half way in the house before you start asking for a shot of Henny?" I laughed.

Cassie: "yall so crazy, hey Danny how you been?"

Danny: "I've been great I missed my friends we all been so busy we need to catch up asap. Y'all like my little set up?".

  "Yea and this one my favorite. I said out loud not knowing they heard me."

Cassie: "which one?"

Khadijah: "She's clearly talking about the Nipsey Hussle one.. I think Ms.Little hot head may have a crush"

  NO I DON'T! How would I have a crush on somebody I completely haven't even held a conversation with? I said.

"Don't worry Love, He had a crush on you so it's possible." Khadijah said.

"Well anyways, Danny  Tell yo home boy Nipsey I want a Crenshaw sweater but ima be in atl so just let me know whenever!" I said.

  Danny: "oh word? Fasho!"

Malika: "oh thats how you coming? Oop"

"Girl relax Im on some real life trying to support him type shit! He from our city its only RIGHT! So, Stop hyping something thats not there up."

Khadijah: "StOp HyPiNg SoMeThiNg tHatS nOt ThErE uP .. girl say you think he cute and go..."

   The Twins know how to make me laugh... BUT as I looked up, I saw this tall lanky guy come inside the function . He had 4 braids going straight back with a red track suit on. And when I tilted my head to get a full look of who the nigga was.... It was the one in only fine ass Nipsey Hussle. Before the girls could even see who I was staring at, I grabbed their hands and told them to come on, By the back patio! If they saw him they would've put me on blast! Cant let that happen not on this very night!

  Danny's POV

My boy Nipsey just walked into my get together. The music was jumping , all my friends and family was there having a good ass time. He walked up to me but as he walked up a heavy weed smell brushed across my nose!

"Really nigga?" You couldn't smoke after my party? I asked him.

Nip: "Ayeeee nigga my bad.. I gotta maintain you know how I do!"

"Yea Yea .. But aye Nip, my sis Lauren want a Crenshaw sweater, but she bout to be in Atlanta so...." I told him.

Nip: "Who's Lauren cuz? New New?" He laughed.

"Yea Nigga thats Lauren" I said.

Nip: "Oh fasho! I got you, just give her my number, and give her Peniche number... And yo, tell her I wanna give her a book too!"

I walked around looking for the girls. Found them on the Patio and of course Malika drunked out! But thats my girl I know who to call for the party!

"Lauren I just talked to Nipsey and he said he wanna give you a book so Ima give him your number when I go back in or I can introduce you right now?"

Lauren: "NO! And Danny, you better not give that fool my number, give him Nae number, and she'll holler!"

I laughed, Ight bet.

   I was ready to go. I was already sleepy and I had to get Kam from my moms before she call cussing me out!

Cassie: "y'all ready to go?"

  "I'm wayyyyy past ready to go my body already in the car love." I said

Malika: "you so fucking extra how your body already in the car if you standing infront of us?"

Khadijah: "Y'all got me so weak lets go"

*Honestly this my first story in a while ? Am I doing good? I know this chapter was pretty short ima do more long chapters* 💙🏁

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