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0.11 ; sweet, sarcastic, and a walking disaster

When I wake , the sunlight is shining brightly through my windows, summoning me to rise from the world of dreams. Today, I will spend with Crystalline, going over my presentation for the interviews tomorrow night. What angle to play, how to answer questions, how to walk, how to sit. We will go through it all. Oh joy.

I have to force myself out of bed, readying myself for the day of absolute torture that is interview prep. I throw on a pretty purple top and a pair of black trousers, leaving my long dark hair natural, flowing down my back in it's usual elegant waves, then I make my way to breakfast.

Only Crystalline and Tallulah are sitting at the table. "Ah, good morning Clove!" says Tallulah "Come and join us for some breakfast. Cato and Brutus have already gone for interview preparation. Crystalline and I shall begin yours after our meal."

Oh great: Tallulah is also helping with interview prep. I thought I was going to be lucky and only have to put up with an overexcited Crystalline. But no, I have the ice woman too. This should be great fun! (note the sarcasm)

"Clove! Are you excited about your interview tomorrow?" says Crystalline, her characteristic smile making an obvious appearance. 

"To be honest, I'm more excited about the day after." I reply indifferently, giving her my best 'bored' face. Tallulah looks like she's just seen a ghost, but Crystalline merely laughs. 

"You really are a true career." she chuckles, pouring some kind of gold syrup over her plate of pancakes.

My heart begins to ache: pancakes with syrup is Bracken's favourite breakfast. Chryssi didn't like them, she preferred cakes and pastries. But we could never afford the really nice ones at the Home. When we used to live in our actual house, we always had pancakes and pastries for breakfast, and they were my favourite breakfast foods too. But after father left, I went off of them, and I haven't eaten pancakes since.

I try to push my memorable breakfast out of my mind, and focus on eating something that will help me brace myself for the day. Crystalline and Tallulah exchange a multitude of animated conversations, about me and what to do for my interview, before the avoxes take away the food on the table and I am led into Crystalline's room and forced to sit on a large chair. 

"Right," begins Tallulah "we're going to start with your posture for sitting. Sit like a lady Clove my dear, not like an animal!" She waves her hands around as I attempt to get my position right. Sitting like a lady is harder than it looks. When I finally get it right, Tallulah practically explodes into applause, adamant that I would never do it properly.

 "Finally!" she sighs exasperatedly, slouching in her own chair. I'm suddenly tempted to say "Tallulah, sit like a lady, don't slouch!" just to annoy her, but then I rethink: an angry Tallulah will be much harder to spend the day with than an overexcited one.

Suddenly, her body snaps up, and her face brightens immediately. "Now for walking!" she pipes, and she stands up and retrieves a pair of towering black heels from under the bed. "Put these on and we'll perfect your walking techniques."

Walking techniques? I never knew they existed! Well, I'm about to find out exactly what they are.

The heels are uncomfortable, not at all like my green ones that I wore for the reaping. They make me seem at least 4 inches taller, and my toes scrunch up at the bottom because they're so high. They are also extremely unstable, causing me to wobble around a lot. Tallulah tells me over and over that it is imperative that I get it perfect, otherwise I will seem like someone who doesn't care, that can't hold herself properly in front of the cameras. I don't want that to happen, so I persevere.