Chapter 14

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"MIN JAE! Let go of me!" You shouted.

Hearing footsteps near the door, and you exactly knew who was going to come. "Shit shit shit." You mumbled as Prince Min Jae kept harassing you sexually. "What the- what the fuck." You mumbled as a tear drop went out of your eye.

"You might be a strong little bitch." He whispered. "But you can never win against me in these situations."

He said, entering a finger inside of you and you shouted.

Tears kept coming out of your eye.


That's your father.

"I'll never let that old man get his hands on you." Min Jae said as he sped up his pace. "S-stop."

You felt helpless.

Yes, there were times that you hated your father but this pathetic asshole calling him a old man.

You grabbed his hair. You couldn't care less.

Pulling them with all your force, you managed to lift him up as he groaned.

You pulled him and threw him from over your shoulder, onto the floor.

Not giving a shit about yourself, you jumped off, gripping the ropes.

Your area hurts. You felt pain all across your area.

Your face is wet with tears.

But yes, you are going to leave. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Heard your father as your feet touched the ground.

And then you started to run.

Gun shots was heard. Your head was spinning. That's when someone pulled you. "L-leave me!" You shouted.

The man brought you to a abandoned area. It was a small old factory and you never knew it was near the castle.

Realization hitting you as you realised that you were never in your castle. It was Min Jae's.

He had your dresses too, there. You remember your dad sending some every year.

You gulped.

That man kept whispering "shhh".

After a few minutes, you calmed down.

You were lying on the man's chest as he removed his dust mask off.

It was yoongi.

Min Yoongi. "Yoongi!"

"Shh! Can you please shut it for a minute." He reak of smoke. You coughed.

"Jungkook, I got her. We are at the factory." He spoke on the phone as he left you there. "Be patient. I'm changing places with Jungkook."

"What do you mean?" You asked him. "My job was just to get you out of there. It's done." He left.

You waited for Jungkook.

"I'm out of bullets!" Jimin shouted as RM threw a revolver towards him. It was full. "Thanks." Jimin smirked, continuously shooting.

They were shooting all the gaurds.

"It's J-hope." Taehyung said as he received the call. "Good, hyung. Then we're done." Taehyung smiled as he hang up. "They got the king." He told the rest of the team.

J-hope and Yoongi were after the king and it was a success getting him.

The rest of the team cleared the area.

Dark smoke coming in through the opened window. Almost in agony. Night sky surrounded with dark clouds and lightening storm, it was as if the thunder was inside the room.

Standing in front of one another. He glared at him. The death-full he could gave. "You wouldn't shoot." He chuckled like a mental man. "I wouldn't, your highness."

Min Jae smirked. "Come on, Jeon Jeongguk. You're respecting even your worst enemy." He chuckled evilly.

"It's my duty to respect you your highness. I WON'T go against the law unless you do something that'll make me go against my laws."

"Let's see." He said. "I harassed your girlfriend- oh wait. My soon to be wife. Yeonha." He grinned. "I harassed her. Oh was it fun."

Jungkook's eyes widened. What the fuck. Scoffing, not believing and was mot ready at all for the next words which came out of his mouth without a warning.

"I fingered your highness."

That only took jungkook a second to shoot right on his heart. "You dipshit." Jungkook groaned as he kept shooting Prince Min Jae.

"This is blood-game." He mumbled. "I'll ruin- you- asshole."

Jungkook lost it all. He couldn't believe what this guy had said. "Fingered her?! Y-you fucking-."

Min Jae was already died. Yet, Jungkook kept shooting.

After a while, he stopped.

"Sorry, but she comes before any of my laws, your highness." He gritted the last words before jumping out of the window.

"Y-yeonha." Jungkook whispered as he accidentally tripped, falling on you. He groaned as his forehead bumped against yours but you only cared about him. Only him.

"I'm sorry.." He whispered. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry..." he kept apologizing.

"I-it's okay, don't be sorry."

"He harassed you.. I could've.. I-

"Jungkook.. shhh.." you whispered as you kept hugging each other until the rain follows.


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