Introduction: About Mia

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About Me

My name is Marcia Abigail Garcia but everyone just calls me Mia (except for my dad). My birthday is September 25. I am 15 years old and I'm mexican if you couldn't tell by my name. I'm also a only child (which sucks) and me, my mom, and dad live in Laredo, Texas. We live in a 2 bedroom paper thin walled trailer. On the other side of no where. I'm a sophomore at JWHS. I have brown hair. And i was lucky enough to get my moms green eyes. I am 5ft 3in so i guess i'm kind of short for my age. I have long legs and I'm not fat but not super skinny. I have issues about falling in love. I also have major trust issues but not with my best friends or my mom. I would love to be a marine biologist. I love science it's the best. I am always good at it. I make all A's I'm kind of a smarty pants. I'm Catholic and I was baptized in Mexico when I was 4. I have never been inside a church since that day. My family isn't very religious so I have never went to church. My favorite thing to do is laugh. I love having fun but I'm not aloud out of the house.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home and I can't do anything about it. Almost all my friends are guys because I don't get along very well with girls. They take things to seriously sometimes. I know I'm a girl but I really don't care what people think about me. I'm a strong and independent young woman. But honestly I do let things get me and I have a lot of angry built up in me now. I really don't think I'm dealing with that very well because most times I can a bitch. I always feel bad about things and decisions I've made. I just don't what to do with my life.

My mom is my hero she's literally the strongest person I know. I hope one day we can both leave and just get away from my dad. But shes scared if she leaves we will be living on the streets. My dad is the biggest asshole anyone will ever meet. He is also the biggest alcoholic. Everyday that's all he does. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten fired because he's been to work drunk a couple of times. No wonder he's so fat and ugly. He's a S.O.B and I hate him more than anything else in the world. He beats me and my mother. Verbally and physically. He's broken my wrist a couple of times and he's even broke several of my moms ribs. I don't even want to recap on how that happened.

But other than all the bad things I try to look forward and find something good in every situation.

Things I love:

-My Mom






-Being Lazy



-To stand out and be different

-Science is my favorite subject in school







-My height (which is 4ft 11in)

-The rainbow


Things I Hate:

-That I'm a nerd at heart

-Waking up

-Preppy girls




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