Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


There he was. The same shaggy midnight black hair, the piercing ice blue eyes. The muscular arms that always held me in embrace. The little freckles I would kiss on his cheeks. And those eyes... Those taunting eyes, that I fell for. The ones I'd stare at for hours, the ones that showed love, compassion, the ones that taunted me still, every night.


<Recap over>

Our eyes locked- my bright green ones and his piercing icey blue ones- for what seemed forever. I felt my brother wrap an arm around my shoulder and shake me lightly. I stared down at my black uggs. I felt everyone's eyes staring at me, intensely. I heard Adrian whisper something to Will, depressed. My head snapped up, earning me a nice crick in my neck. I winced, rubbing my neck. I listenedto Adrian, whispering:

"How can you do this to me, Will?! It was hard enough to have Logan here! Now, her! I still love her!"

I blushed furiously; it felt like I would vomit from the butterflies in my stomach. He still loved me, me! But, after what he did...

Could I forgive him? I wasn't so sure, as I watched him run a hand, nervously, through his shaggy hair. I heard Logan clear his throat. Adrian looked up, took one look at my face and sighed. Logan and Will walked outside.

Once I made sure the coast was clear, I ran towards him and jumped ontop of him, hugging him as tight as physically possible. I heard him chuckle and hold me tight.

"Cars... I'm so sorry. I love you. I always will. I missed you." The last part came out as a whisper, as he kissed my hair.

"It-it's okay.. I love you too." I whispered into his shoulder. He pulled me back lightly and kissed me, fully on the lips. I stayed still, waiting for him to finish. It took so much will power not to kiss him back. After a few moments he realised what I was doing. He looked at me,confused.

"I'm not going to come crawling back to you, Adrian. You'll have to earn my trust. Again." I explained, my face hard. He sighed.

"Fine." He muttered, stubbornly.

"Does this mean I can't kiss you?" He asked, his eyes wide in fear. I chuckled, that's so like him.

"Yup." I said, cheerfully, though I was yearning to make out with him, right here, right now. He sighed and looked like he couldn't help himself. I smirked.

"Meanie!" He yelled. At that, Logan and Will rushed in. Logan ran in front of me and held me back protectively.

"What'd you do to her?!" He yelled at Adrian. I sighed. He had to play the protective brother role.

"He did nothing, Logan. Back off." I said firmly, annoyed. He turned and looked at me, sympathy in his eyes and pleading.

"Oh.. Sorry." He muttered.

We spent the night a bit awkwardly. We watched the latest Harry Potter Movie and at the end I was basically screaming about the crappy ending. They all laughed at me. I slept in Logan's room.


I felt someone shaking me, sighing desperately. I looked up into the icy blue eyes- that always seemed cold yet warm-that I loved. He smiled at me and left the room to get ready.

I got ready for school, wearing another pair of skinny ripped jeans and a tye-die mix of blue's shirt. I put on black converse as welll. I brushed through my hair and put on light makeup. I was ready.

I walked down stairs and on the table was a bowl, milk and cereal. Adrian was at an bar stool slurping his cereal down. I quickly poured the cereal and milk and copied Adrian. He chuckled, watching me, amused.


We took my car to school- me driving of course. No one, and I mean no one touches my baby. We arrived, and ran into the school as the bell rang. Adrian went to the office and I headed to my first block, Humanities. As I was turning the corner, I felt someone pull me into an empty classroom. I looked into the light blue eyes of Alex. They looked different then yesterday. They were filled with angry, hate, and.. Was that sadness? He looked at me, furious.

"What are you doing with Adrian?!" He almost yelled. I froze. He knew my Adrian.


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