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So, here. I finally posted my book of shorts. Not the shorts you wear, obviously, but short stories/one-shots, whatever you call them.

Some of them will be connected/in the same universe (:

Not all of this will be boyxboy like most of my stories are (I tend to do bxb a lot because I'm not a dude??? so I tend to write about dudes??? it's a weird thing that I know a lot of people tend to do). I will write the Lesbians™️, the enby kiddos, the trans kiddos — I will have stories for people all along the LGBT+ spectrum (-: Yes, including you, my lil ace/aro buddies.

If you're one of those people who fetishizes gay relationships and will refuse to read because not everything in here is smutty and gay, you will not be missed <3

If you're transphobic, or you gatekeep, or you're just plain hateful toward other sexualities/gender identities, you won't be missed either. Anyway.

Enjoy. x (If you're reading this before anything is posted, I'm working on a 3-parter right now, so stay tuned lmao).

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