Part 16

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Anika. What was that shivaay. Why u went with babies  there. I asked u to stay at home with them.  So why u couldn't  wait for me for 2 hours.

Shiv. I was missing u that's why.

Ani. Shivaay I think u have got insane. Why r u behaving like this.  For god sake I've told u Many times stop interfering in my life. Today bcz of u daksh got sad.  We thought we will spend quality time with each other but no how can Shivay singh oberoi can let this happens. He just want me every second with him. That's it.

Shiv. Ara babies wanted to eat icecream so I took them there.bcz I couldn't see their sad faces.

Ani.  Shivaay that was restaurant neither any icecream shop. If u wanted to take them for icecream then u could have go on icecream delight which was near ur apartment

Shiv. Ok I agree I was getting restless to thinking about u and daksh that's why I went there. Now I don't think so u should create more issue. 

Ani.  Shivaay I'm his wife

Shiv.  Don't tell me who is his wife whose not.  I don't like u with him and that it.

Ani. Don't be selfish shivaay

Shiv. I'm selfish and will be selfish for u.  I agreed I never understood ur importance but when  u left me then I had realised u was only right girl for me. I was just attracted towards tia. But in real I used to love u.  But maybe I took too much time to understand it . Other wise today we would have been together.  Sometime I feel like If u would have with me then maybe  shavi would have our baby but unfortunately he is not. Maybe u will feel it's my drama or anything. But still I wanna tell u that I feel attraction towards shavi more then seerat. When ever I hug him or kiss him. It's feel so good I feel so peace in my heart.  I feel like ....

Ani. Ok stop it I don't wanna argue with u more.  She controls herself after listening him and went inside of her room. She kept her hand on her mouth and started crying silently.

Ani. U r right shivaay shavi is ur baby but I'll never tell u about him. Bcz I know u don't deserve my baby or me.  U r cheater who will left me on edge when ever u will  want. I've already bore a lot bcz of u. But now not any more. I wanna move on in my life and wanna forget u forever. I know it will be difficult for me  but I've have to do it at any cost.   She wiped her tears and slept beside her baby who is sleeping soundly.

In morning

Shiv. Anika we r going Disney as babies wanna go there . So do pack all ur necessaries as well as babies.

Ani. What but I'm not coming

Shiv. I'm not taking ur permission I'm telling u. So do it as I'm saying. And yea today u don't need to come at office also. I'll handle everything.

Ani. Shivay tell me truth. It's u only who made this plan.

Shiv. Why would i make any  plan.  babies just asked me so I couldn't say no to them and got agreed with them. And  moreover their holidays are also going on so its good that they will experience something new. He said looking here and there.

Ani. Then look in my eyes and say.

Shiv. I don't wanna waste my time to looking in ur eyes.  I'm going office and u do what I'm saying. He threw napkin on the table and went off without looking at her face.

Ani.  Duffer.

In evening

Anika is doing touch up as tonight is their flight when suddenly someone back hugged her.

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