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(gray's pov)

"When's he finish?" Kaitlyn asks, waddling around. I grabbed the three-year-old and pulled her into my lap. She squealed and giggled.

"Soon, princess, just an hour," I said. She clapped her hands and sat back into my chest.

Me and Kaitlyn were at her brother's soccer practice, waiting for him to finish. Normally, y/n drops him off, runs errands and then picks him up. But y/n was busy today, so me and Kaitlyn were left to do the job.

"Daddy!" Kaitlyn screamed pointing at Kayden. I smiled as she clapped as Kayden scored a goal. "Did it!" She screamed. I smiled as she took my phone out of my hands.

I leaned back into my palms as she began to play on my phone. I watched over her shoulder as she watched her show, looking up occasionally at Kayden. She turned my phone off and turned back and looked at me. I raised my eyebrows and she giggled.

Kaitlyn stood up and raised her arms up. I picked her up and sat her on my shoulders. She laughed and tugged at my hair. "Ah, that hurts princess," I said, reaching up to untangle her fingers. She just giggled. My phone began to ring and I picked it up, one hand on Kaitlyn's knee so she wouldn't fall, and another holding the phone. "Yo," I said as I answered.

"Yo, where the fuck is the camera?" Ethan asked. I rolled my eyes and winced as I heard something fall. "Fuck."

"At the warehouse? Where we filmed last?" I asked. I heard a sigh and rolled my eyes again. I felt Kaitlyn tug at my shirt and mindlessly pried her fingers off.

"Right," Ethan mumbled. "But did you take the SD card out, I was gonna edit," He said, and I heard a car door shut.

"No, it's in-" I was cut off as Kaitlyn started hitting on my head. "What is it princess?" I asked, slightly annoyed. She frowned at me and pointed.

"Is that Kait-" I cut Ethan off as I stood up, carrying Kaitlyn on my hip.

"Shit, okay, I gotta go," I muttered, ending the call and running over to Kayden, Kaitlyn grabbing onto my shirt. I set Kaitlyn down on the grass before walking over to pry Kayden off of another kid. "Off, buddy, c'mon," I mumbled, pulling him off.

Kayden punched the kid again and stumbled backwards. The coach ran over and helped the other kid. Kayden frowned at him. "Don't ever talk about my sister again," Kayden mumbled at his teammate. I frowned and took a look at Kayden's leg. He was limping.

"What happened?" The coach asked them. I sighed, holding Kayden up and reaching over to pick up Kaitlyn, now crying.

"He called my sister stupid!" Kayden yelled. I winced as Kaitlyn looked around, confused. Kayden lunged at him again, and I held him back. "Dad!"

"It's okay, leave it," I told him. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "That leg looks bad, we should go to the hospital," I said. Kayden looked at it and frowned.

"It hurts," He mumbled as the coach cleared everything up. I sighed, grabbing the 6-year-old's hand.

"Okay, Kay?" Kaitlyn asked, concerned. I smiled and kissed her cheek, putting her down. "Daddy, up!" She whined, raising her arms. I shook my head.

"I'm going to carry your brother, okay?" Kaitlyn frowned, not used to this. I sighed, picking Kayden up. "Here, princess, you get to hold my keys, okay?" I asked, giving her my keys. Her eyes lit up and she dangled them in her hands. She held them in one hand and raised the other to me. I took it and we walked to the car.

"Ow," Kayden muttered as I set him in the backseat. I sighed, ruffling his hair, pulling on his seatbelt. "It hurts," He said again.

"It'll be okay, hang in there bud," I said. He sighed loudly bending over to look at his leg. I walked around as Kaitlyn came running to me. "Alright you too, princess," I said, picking her up. She squealed as I put her in her seat.

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