The poem.

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Chapter two.

Monicas POV

Jason and I left the hallway and headed straight for second period. We were fifteen minutes late. I explained to the teacher that I was showing a new student around and had a note to prove it. She just gave me a sharp nod. Her name's Mrs Dallas. She's quite old but tends to have a sweet side for me.

We sat down and Mrs Dallas continued on with her class. We were currently studying History of the Unknown. It's a book that was written by the one and only famous Drake Lonely. It's about unknown things that happened hundreds of years ago. I found it quite funny how Drakes last name was Lonely because he was a womanizer. And definietly was not lonely.

Class flew by for what felt like 10 minutes which it really was about 55 minutes. Next class was English. I hated English so much right now, because my teacher Mr Sandson is a poet. So most of the time we have to do Poetry. Which is fine with the rest of the class because they can actually do it. Where as I suck at Poetry. I usually sit at the back of the room so I don't get chosen to speak in front of the class. I don't have any friends in this glass so that sucks even more. Most of the class population is girls. There is a couple of guys but they're mostly just nerds. So that's why when Devon walked in all the girls pushed their hair back, and their shirts down. There was about six seats in total that were free. Including one next to me. Which it's my luck that he sits there.

"Hey there Mon, how are you going?" He smiled turning his chair towards me.

"Uhm, I'm fine" I whispered because class was starting. Devon kept trying to talk to me but I was ignoring because Mr Sandson took his poetry very seriously and if anyone was disrupting his class they would get detention straight away.

"Okay umm, who haven't we heard from in awhile"Mr Sandson said reading the list. "Ah Monica, we haven't heard a poem from you well, all year"

Just great that'd be my luck. "Well you see, we have only been at school for a couple of weeks. I'm working on a good piece I will share with the class when it's finished" I told him. I hope he believed me.

"Alright then, how about.. yes Devon? Do you have anything? I know you're new and all" He said getting all excited because Devon is 'fresh meat'.

"Actually I have a little something" He got up and walked to the front of the room. And began.

I see her, I watch her

I have known her my whole

She's soon going to be my Queen

Soon she'll run the darkness with me

She soon will be mine

Her big brown eyes

The way her long brown hair moves when she walks

Her smell is like the moon high during the middle of the day, impossible

I loved her before I even met her

It was like time stopped still, he walked towards me. I couldn't move let alone breathe. He was the most beautifulist man I had ever seen. I didn't know if that was even a word, but right now I didn't care.

Everyone was clapping like crazy.

Devon stared at me the the whole time he said his poem. He didn't have it written down or anything. This was coming from his heart. Naturally all the girls were glaring at me because it was pretty obvious he was refering to me.

He sat down on his chair and just kept staring at me. I wasn't embarrassed at all. If any other person I had said this to me I would of been bright red right now.

"Well done, Devon well done!" Said Mr Sandson. It was like Christmas morning for him.

For the rest of the class time, we had to just listen to a couple other poems but they didn't even come close to compare with Devons. I found him staring at me every now and then when he thought I didn't notice. Oh his hair... I'd really love to just run my hands through it... I mean what!? Oh I really had to hold myself together, but with that smile.. This was gonna be hard.

Devons POV

I knew that poem would work like a charm. She had no idea how true that was, she would seriously rule the darkness. The more and more I hanged out with her I couldn't help but thinking that maybe I shouldn't do this... That she didn't deserve to have such darkness in her life. But I hard to finish what I started and I've never backed down on a mission so why start now I'd say.

I couldn't help but continue to stare at her. She was so beautiful that it actually hurt my heart to look at her. But in the end it's not gonna only be her heart that will be destroyed. It's her she is the one that will be the mother to my children and will stand beside me at the ceromony in only a few short months.

The teacher what's his name is so worthless that I should just kill him now. But I couldn't do that just yet, because I don't think Monica is ready to see the true me.

Class had ended and I thought about time, I was so stuck in my thoughts it felt like it went for days.

"Hey Dev, that was a real nice poem. She must be a lucky girl" Mon said to me.

I just smiled "Oh she is not as lucky as that sounded, trust me"

She was puzzled. "Look there's this party on tonight like a back to school party and the guy who is throwing it had to wait a couple of weeks because he's parents didn't go away till last night" She smiled.

"Oh okay a party cool, who's throwing it?" I asked sounding quite interested in having a little fun.

"Um, my boyfriend Jace and your welcome to come" She said. Again no eye contact.

"Kay, sounds sweet. I'll see you there babe" I said walking off with no further goodbye. I was pissed off right to the top. I don't wanna go to her stupid boyfriends party. Hm, i've got an idea I thought to myself. I'm gonna make her so jealous that she'll be begging for me to go out with her. This is gonna be fun.

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