Chapter 28

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"Lee" I trailed after him Xavier hot on my tail as I rushed down the steps

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"Lee" I trailed after him Xavier hot on my tail as I rushed down the steps.

"Lee Wait" i panted reaching out to grab his shoulder back.

"Get the fuck off me Thea" Lee turned around throwing my arm off his shoulder. Immediately I winced in pain and took a step back scowling up at him.

Before I could even react Xavier had slammed Lee against one of the brick walls his hand wrapped tightly around his neck.
"You ungrateful piece of shit! you don't know what she's been through for you" Xavier spat looking him directly in the eyes as Lee looked up in shock.

"She fucking married me because she didn't have a choice if she didn't your father would've killed your dumb ass and I'm beginning to wish he fucking did" Xavier glowered the vein on his neck becoming more prominent than usual.

"Xavier" I gasped trying to pull his arms from Lee.

"It's your fault. Your fault because you left her alone with him and he beat her every fucking day after you left" Xavier tightened his grip.

"Xavier Stop" I said louder than before touching his shoulder. Immediately Xavier's muscles relaxed and his shoulders sagged slightly as he let go of Lee who instantly looked up at me in horror, guilt washing over his face.

"Sorry Thea I had to tell him I couldn't let hi-
I didn't mean to" Xavier's eyes widened after realising what he had just exposed.

"It's fine Xavier" I smiled softly as his worried eyes.

"Are you ok" he asked his eyes lingering on my arm that was covered by my hoodie.

"I'm not hurt Xavier" I glanced up at him.

"Thea" Lee stared down at me breathlessly.
"I'm sorry I didn't know. What didn't you-
Since when-

"It's fine Lee you didn't know" I nodded stiffly still hurt by his accusations but I would just have to get over it right it's not like he knew. If I was in his position I'd be just as angry.

"No Thea I'm a fucking idiot. I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry...Fuck" Lee held my face in his palms as I watched his eyes go glossy.

"It's fine" I smiled wiping a tear that had fallen from his eye.

"How long" he whispered almost afraid to hear my answer.

"A couple years after mum left. You were to busy with school to notice and then you left for uni and it got worse" I looked down feeling embarrassed. I wasn't weak and I had to make sure that I knew it. It wasn't my fault. If I fought back he would've hurt Lee and I didn't want that. I wasn't weak and I wasn't doing this for me I desperately tried to convince myself.

"I'm so sorry Thea. I'm-

"Lee it's ok I have Xavier now and I don't live there anymore" I grinned "now can everyone stop being so damn emotional, yeah I took a couple swings with the old bat but look were I am now. Strong as fuck" I held up my arms showing off my non existent muscles.

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