Chapter 23(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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Ash carefully opens the door, he peeks out and sees to his relief that The Khan has walked a good distance from where Alaavia said the diamond lies. 

He looks towards the plants that are here. All look the same, but then again it is the perfect spot to hide something. 

He slowly and carefully steps outside, breathing very fast but also quietly to not make a sound. 

Slowly he takes steps towards the rocks near one of the plants, his eyes scout around the plants, but there is nothing in this pile. 

''Damn good hiding spot she must have used since i can't see it'' he thinks as he bends down to sit on his knee, he moves some of the rocks to see if the diamond is in between one of them, nothing is there.

He peeks towards the Khan, luckily he is not interested in the house, neither is his soldier guards really smart to look his way. 

''Just got to get that diamond and then i go inside'' he thinks as he focuses on the rock pile again. 

He looks behind the plant, nothing is there. Then he moves a rather sharp rock that looks pretty ordinary.

Then a light of green flashes, almost blinding him.

Ash covers his eyes with his left hand, the light hit his eyes harsh, but they're still alive. 

He slowly drags his arm away from his eyes, there it is. 

He reaches out for it and carefully takes it out of the pile. It makes sounds as it glows in his hands. 

''Wow, what beauty'' he thinks as he observes it. It has several spikes coming out of it, yet a good amount of beauty to it. 

Picture for those who want to know what it looks like since i'm not that good at describing objects. 

''Hey! Look there!''

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''Hey! Look there!''

Ash jumps and looks to the left, one of the soldier guards has noticed him holding the diamond. The Khan turns towards him and immediately gets a seriously pissed off look. 

''Sh*t!'' Ash thinks as he rises up from the ground and bolts towards the house of Agny. 

He opens the door and throws the diamond on a sofa before he closes the door.

Everything happens fast, he turns to the gang that has him as their focus. The Khan, his queen and the soldier guards look like they're out for blood. 

Ash: Come get me if you can!

He then turns around and runs towards the side. He is quick to also find a ladder that he can climb up.

He grabs the first step and drags himself up while repeating this manner quickly. His pulse is up in the hundreds as he climbs faster.

He casts a look down and sees that the Khan is following him and is not going into Agny's house.

''What a relief'' he thinks as he reaches the top and runs towards the suspension bridge. The moment he steps on it he looks back and sees that from the jungle side, Mao suddenly appears. Ash's eyes grow as Mao also sees the group running after Ash. 

Mao: Hey! You four!

The group turns around, The Khan with one hand on the ladder looks confused at Mao. Mao however is sharp, he sees who it is based on the eye colour.

Mao: Come and take me instead! He has nothing of value! 

The Khan, whoever he is gets angered when seeing Mao. 

Maga Khan: You! You are a dead man!

His voice reeks of anger as he steps from the ladder. His queen looks confused on him.

Queen: But what about the guy who took the diamond? He has it with him!

Khan: Bah! You three go after the diamond! I will personally deal with this one!

The Soldier guards nods and begins climbing up the ladder, the queen looks doubtful on her ''Husband'' before she also follows after Ash.

''Damnit, i didn't hope he would split up like that'' Mao thinks as the Khan comes closer. 

Mao: If you really think you can go after Ash like that, take me first! You'll know how much it won't cost you!

The Khan's angry face becomes further annoyed on hearing Mao speak. He unsheats his long sword, hell bent on cutting Mao down. 

The sheer length of the sword makes Mao sweatdrop. 

''Maybe my plan wasn't that well thought through'' he thinks as he backs towards the jungle.

Maga Khan: I swear! When i'm done with you there won't be anyone missing you! 

Mao: Heh, come get me then!

Mao bolts into the jungle, causing Hugh or whoever he is to run after him inside the jungle. Ash for his own part began a escape towards another part of the island, being pursued by two soldier guards he has never seen before, and a woman whom has no appeal to him. 


The row boat from before is coming back. There is two people in it, just like when it left.

Ethan and Lyra managed to get the info they got passed over to Nate who gave them new orders. 

Lyra: You sure we can guard Alaavia with our lives? 

Ethan is rowing the boat with elegant moves. Lyra's doubt is nothing new, especially not when something is dangerous.

Ethan: Honestly Lyra, i don't know. You saw that i did manage to overpower Hugh a little bit, but i was only lucky he believed i had gunpowder in my gun. Next time we possibly meet him i'm not going to be so lucky. 

While he is rowing, Lyra peeks towards the shore, nothing seems out of the ordinary. As far as she can see. 

As The two reach land, they jump ashore. Ethan dragging the row boat closer so it won't float away. 

Lyra immediately sees that something is definitely out of the ordinary. Some plants are cut down, and some of the rock piles are moved. 

She bends down to sit on one knee, inspecting the rocks. 

''It's almost like, something was hidden here'' she thinks as she looks closer on the rock pile. 

Ethan: what're you doing Lyra?

Ethan comes closer from behind her, now he sees what she is doing. 

Lyra: Something has been hidden here, possibly so that we wouldn't know it was even there. 

Then, The door to Agny's house opens. The couple looks towards the house and sees Alaavia coming out, but with something in her hand that makes both of their eyes grow huge. Their jaw drops as they see exactly what she is holding in her arms.

She has The Magical Diamond.

Wrapping up yet another chapter of The Magical Diamond Ark. 

What is your opinion on ark 3 so far? 

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