Chapter 2: Training And Tinkering

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You woke up early the next morning, barely being able to sleep. You planned on heading to the Tower today because Tony invited you back and you couldn't be more excited. You jumped out of bed, brushed your teeth, showered, got your bag together, grabbed a Poptart for the road and headed out. Your parents were both still passed out and your brother was barely ever home, so you didn't bother telling them where you were going.

You hopped onto the subway, finishing your breakfast and taking your phone out to text Peter. It was only about eight, so you didn't think he'd be up on a Saturday yet.

Y/n: Hey I'm heading to the Tower! Are you interning there today?

You shoved your phone back into your pocket when the train stopped and you got off, feeling lighter than air. You decided instead of taking a bus the rest of the way you'd walk. It was a brisk fall day and you felt happier than you have in a while. Peter and your few other friends made you happy, but you got this odd sense that this was the start of something else, something you couldn't describe. That or you would be kicked out the first day and they would never let you back. Either way, it was gonna be a hell of an experience.

You walked to the Tower and smiled up at it. You pulled your phone and badge out, slipping it on and checking your phone for messages. Turns out Peter was awake.

Peter: Yeah, but not until later. What are you gonna do there?

Y/n: I was thinking about exploring? I don't know. It's the freaking Avengers Tower man! Maybe I'll run into Thor or Spiderman!! 😊

Peter: I didn't know you were a fan of Spiderman

Y/n: Of course! Aren't you?

Peter: I hope you meet them! We need to start on our project soon though, it's gonna take a lot of time

Y/n: Already wrote it all up last night, couldn't sleep. We just need the PowerPoint set up and we're good to go!

Peter: You wrote ten pages in a night?? It's not due for two weeks!

Y/n: It probably needs some editing, but it's decent if I do say so myself 😉

Peter: You're freaking Superman

Y/n: Ha! See you later!

Peter: Can't wait!

You threw your phone into your bag and headed in. The first face you saw peeking above the counter at reception, was Damon. Your biggest fan.

"Back already?" He mumbled.

"Good morning, Damon! Did we have rudeness with a side of attitude for breakfast today?" You smirked, scanning your badge. He groaned and mumbled something you didn't quite catch. You couldn't care less though as you headed for the elevator. When you got on, there were so many floors, you didn't know where to start so you clicked a random one and it started to move. When it dinged open you headed down the hallway that was lined with glass walls. You peered in and saw it was a training room and gym. There was a man on the treadmill, running and there was one using a punching bag. You instantly recognized the one using the bag as Steve Rogers and you froze, staring. He must've felt your stare because he turned and shot you a kind smile, making you blush and look away. He started heading over to you and the other man took his headphones out, seeming interested.

Steve opened the glass door, peering out.

"Hey, you seem a bit young to be an agent. Do you work here?"

"Uh, I-I, no I don't." You cursed yourself for being nervous.

"Well, I'm Steve and this is Sam." He gestured to the man who was making his way towards you both.

"H-hi." You waved nervously.

"Hey sweetie, what's your name?" Sam asked with a nice smile.

"It's Y/n, Y/n L/n."

"Pete's friend!" Sam laughed, "It's nice to finally meet you."

"That's right! His girlfriend?" Steve thought out loud.

"Uh, no, just friend. I just found out he interns here yesterday. I-I met Mr. Stark yesterday too, he gave me a pass to come whenever I want." You explained.

"Who's your friend?" Someone asked from behind you and when you turned you were met with the Winter Soldier himself, Bucky Barnes. You couldn't help as your eyes went to his arm and then shot back to his face. He didn't seem to notice.

"Bucky, this is Y/n." Steve told him.

"Good to meet you, doll. Peter talks about you all the time." He smiled.

"You too, and I'm starting to pick up on that." You chuckled and then opened your bag, taking your gym clothes out, "I'd like to train if that's okay."

"Really? The new kid wants to train! You sound like Peter on his first day." Sam laughed.

"Have you trained before?" Steve asked.

"Uh, no." You admitted.

"Everyone has their first day." Bucky nodded, and they led you inside, showing you all the equipment and how to use it. Once you got the tour, you started to wrap your hands so you could use the punching bag, watching Steve use a different one, to go about it the same way. He smirked to himself when he noticed you watching. You wanted to try everything, so you spent about ten minutes on each machine and whatever else they had in there.

By the end you were extremely worn out. They had left a bit earlier, hitting the showers and you hit the other shower room, for women. When you came out you wanted to explore more of the place, so you hopped back on the elevator, quickly checking your phone for messages and clicking another random floor. You only had a message from May asking if you wanted to grab lunch with her tomorrow. That was odd, did she mean alone? Usually, Peter asked if you wanted to go out with them.

Y/n: Yeah! Sounds good! Where should I meet you?

May: There's a Thai place on 42nd, I'll text you the exact address later!

Y/n: Okay!

You punched the basement level and when the door dinged open you walked out. You instantly noticed an Ironman suit up against a wall, and a bunch of lab equipment around. And who else, but Tony Stark himself.

"Hey, kid!" He greeted you as you entered.

"Hey, is it cool I'm in here?"

"Yeah, just try not to mess with anything, could be dangerous." You nodded in understanding, "You just get here?"

"I've been here for hours." You answered absentmindedly as you looked around.

"You got up that early on a Saturday? And what've you been doing all that time?" He was working on something as he talked to you.

"I trained with Steve, Sam, and Bucky. I came early because I'm still in shock I get to come here, this place is awesome." You answered, wistfully.

"You trained? What are you, an Avenger now?" He chuckled.

"I wish, but yeah it was fun."

"Your parents know you're, here right?"

"Uh, I mean I don't think they'd care." You fidgeted with your jacket.

"Kid, I can't have you hanging out here without them knowing. They'll be worried."

"No, they won't." You breathed a laugh, "They won't be up for hours, plus they don't care what I do." You said almost whispering it.

"Gotcha." He nodded, not wanting to press you on it, "Help me with this?" He gestured to the arm of the suit he was working on.

"Yeah, sure!" You came over to his side quickly.

He showed you how to repair the suit and you caught on quickly. You even made a few suggestions for improvement and he nodded along, taking mental notes. It was great to not be treated as a kid, and even though you're far from the genius he is, he still treated you like an equal. 

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