Shes a booger too

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After Billie left I went back to the kitchen where everyone was

"Aye so now billie a booger too" Nigel said
"Nah she has black too doe" I said

"Yea but she's still green like a booger" he said
"So you guys straight?" He asked
"Yea we good she just wanted to talk and see how I was doing" I said

"Ah okay I see I'm glad y'all still friends" he said
"Yuh me too she sum else doe" I said looking at him

"What do you mean?" Nigel asked
"Like ionno like she sometimes says dumb shit- you know what forget I said anything let's just have fun" I said

So that's what we did we blasted the music and drank a lot so much to the point I have like almost no memory

*buzz buzz buzz buzz*

"The fuck is that?" I said slurring my words
Everyone was leaving and I couldn't tell what the buzzing noise was

I realized that it was coming from my pocket

"Ohhhh" I said reaching for my phone smiling

It was billie and she was FaceTiming me

"Shit!" I said realizing I was not the slightest bit sober
"Aye was good sexy" I said answering the call

What the fuck did I just say

"Que I'm with people" Billie said
"Oh.. yea so what does that mean.. is is is it a guy?" I asked slurring my words

"It doesn't matter I just wanted to talk to you" she said
"But if there's another nigga there I don't want to talk" I said

"No que it's a girl" she said
"oh.. you like girls now?" I asked
"When did I say that?!" She shouted

I smirked at the phone and chuckled
She screenshot it a bunch

"Hey hey hey, don't be screenshooting nun of dis" I said
"why not look at you" she said
"Aye the fuck you mean look at chu you look like a booger too and, and Nigel said that too" I said

Billie laughed

"No I mean you look really cute right now, even if you're drunk" she said
"Oh shit you can tell I am drunk?" I asked

"No que not at all" she said
"Oh okay good cause I'm not drunk at all, mami I don't even drink" I said

"Mami?" She repeated
"Yea.." I said

"Hm" she smiled and then put me on pause

I sat on the couch in the dark ass living room all alone away from everyone

She came back on the camera

"Hello" I said smiling
"hi" she said smiling and then licked her lips

"So you're coming to my show right?" She asked
"Yea I couldn't miss it" I said scanning her face

"Billie is that him?" I heard in an Unfamiliar voice
"Yea that's br-" i heard Zoe's voice before Billie freaked out and muted herself and the turned her camera off

"This is awkward huh?" I asked

At this point I was sitting in complete darkness because the only light source I had was from my phone screen

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