Chapter 9

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I'm surrounded by people. A lot of people. They are looking at me as if i am of some importance.

"Light Keeper." they chanted still staring I stood there uncomfortably.

"What?" i whispered to the air. Then i see her. My Guardian. Alida.

"Haley you are the keeper of the light. The vypers have begun to take the light. They've began to have a comeback. They are after you. Haley you have a power to destroy them." She speaks "There is ongoing battle, Light and Dark, No one has won but you will help overcome the dark. They've taken your family. They've taken your love."

"What?" i ask my ear shocked my love? BRIAN! "Wait my love?!?!"

She looks at me. "Haley they will destroy you unless you except this power."

"Alida wake me up i need to see Brian!" I scream and i hear the chant go louder."Please."

"Haley."she says softly "You have to concor the dark that is your only hope."

Her soft blonde hair flying wildy in the wind i can't feel. Her pale blue eyes sad.

"Wake up!" i scream to myself

Alida looks at me in fright and then like smoke her and everyone vanish. I look around as the light turns black. Everythings black i quiet down. I see Lorkan emerge out of the black. her eyes red as ever. A smile spreads across her face.

"Haley. Haley Haley." her voice a hiss. Her eyes cold. She circles me like a cat playing with a mouse."

"Lorkan." i say half a defffiante whisper half a terrifed cry.

Her cold eyes meet mine again. "Hurry up. Tick tock Haley tick tock. You remeber your brother?"

My stomach churnsd as I view my brother. His face black a blue. His eyes hazel gold and sad but filled with determination. His arms covered in deep gashes, bites. His tan skin now white. His forehead wet with sweat and blood his black hair sticking to it.

"Haley." his voice is weak.

"Blake!" I scream and run over to him

An evil laugh fills the dark. Lorkan smiles. I glare at her and hold Blakes head to my shoulder. "You did this!"

"Bingo girly hurry up or ill kill him." She smiles "Ill feed on him until he does."

"Blake.." i whisper to him. His hazel eyes closed his breathing struggled. Tears fill my eyes.

"Haley dont." he shakes his head. his blood gets all over my shirt. "Haley I love you my greatest little sister."

I cry and cling to him "Blake i'm coming hold on."

He shakes his head "dont Haley dont."

"Blake don't give up!" i whisper through my sobs.

"Haley it's it's a.." Lorkan growls at him and he shut up.

"What?" i whisper Blake tell me.

"No!" Lorkan screams over Blakes voice. "Ever, Brekas Now!"

Two evil Vypers come out and I jump infront of Blake, But seconds to later a knife digs into his shoulder and he vanishes.

"Blake!!" i scream my heart racing "Blake!"

"Hurry up Haley my patience is wearing thin." Lorkan hisses

I jump at her and claw at her face. she vanishes as well as the floor.

I feelmy shoulder hit the ground as i wake up screaming.

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