Chapter 13 Your So Dead

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Chapter 13

Your So Dead

Alexia POV

I sat alone on my bed reading some phycological book. I've always adored books that attempt to explain the humans. It makes you feel like there are smart people out there who can understand your troubles.

This is going to sound kinda crazy, but I'm more happy here than I was on earth. Zack seems to have adapted, but he's gotten more violent.

I haven't seen anymore combat since Zack fought Astaroth. Which would be 3 years ago, human time. Time In Hell is 3 years slower than earths. Makes the suffering of the souls more prolonged.

"Sweetie may I come in?" Mom said knocking on my door.

"Yep." I replied cheerfully."what's up mom?" I asked.

"Your brother wants to continue your training." Mom said with a hint of distaste.

"Why? I'm safe here, there's no more reason for me to fight." I argued.

"I know honey, i know. But your brother angered his old foster sister. And she is Michael's daughter. So you see Zack's concern." Mom said.

I sighed and closed my book.

"Fine. When does he want to train me?" I asked.

"Oh, I guess I misspoke when i said your brother was going to train you. I should've said your brother wants Azazel to train you." Mom clarified, i huffed in response.

"So he won't even train me himself?" I pouted and mom put a comforting arm around my shoulder

"You must be patient with your brother. He's trying to keep minimal contact with you, so he can fight without fear. His love for you makes him vulnerable." Mom said in a attempt to console me.

"So your saying I make him weak?" I asked my mom in disbelief. Mom frowned and retracted her arm.

"Sorry I'm still new to the whole parenting thing." Mom said and I laughed and she soon joined in.

"What's so funny?" Azazel questioned as he leaned on the door.

We soon returned to our senses and became calm once again.

"Oh nothing." I say and Azazel shrugged.

"Yeah so anyway about your training..." I Azazel said but stopped when he gets and felt the rumbling of the whole room. There was a bright light that blinded me and the last thing I herd was Zack yelling "Alexia!" As he ran in the room. His hand outstretched to grasp my arm. But I never felt his touch before the light encased me.

Chapter question-

what do you think is happening to Alexia?

What do you think the light was?

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