The war begins

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(Republished parts of war begins,war pt 2,war pt 3)

As the tail beasts began to wake up everyone was prepared except for the younger ones they were nervous . " okay everyone stand back !" F-naruto commanded everyone jumping away far .

Naruto did a handsign and he bursted into flames . The teenagers and past kids gasp as they saw the nine tails . "good job , naruto-kun!" Hinata cheered While clapping small claps.

Younger and teenager hinata blushed . "Whew~ that's a big beast ." past Kakashi sighed in amazement proud that his student controlled the beast inside iruka grinning at the beast .

F-Sasuke closed his eyes then opened it , next thing you know he's in a big purple warrior . " Woah WHAT IS THAT !!!" Teenager Naruto say after he got unshooked . "susanoo." Someone said making them look back to see the akatsuki .

"How the fuck they get here . " teen sasuke cursed. " we're not your enemies on this one ." Pein say looking up at the nine tail beast . " Is that a real beast ?" Itachi asked . " Yes but no . You see naruto is inside of it ." F-kakashi points making everyone look up and see naruto sitting criss cross apple sauce .

He untucked his legs, when susanoo and the beast form clashed together making a Huge fox warrior . " WOAHHHHH!!!" Past sakura screams .

The 1 tails sent a attack towards naruto and sasuke but they blocked it with ease. Gaara formed floating sand carpets for everyone *4 on each carpet * " As soon as this beast is put down atleast four of you put the stickers on the beast , got it ." F-sasuke commanded .

"Got it !!" Everyone say in usion . Everyone had on their game faces . Little did they know the puppets were already coming at them .Everyone got to their position .

          Teenage Kiba p.o.v

I sighed as I called akamaru . " let's go pal." I smirked as I did man-beast clone jutsu. I ran straight towards the enemies slicing about four in half. A person stood next to me making me look up.

It's the future me ,boy do I look cool. "Heh it's weird seeing myself from my own perspective." F-kiba grinned . "I should say the same to you ." I glared and went back to fighting the enemies.

           Past Hinata p.o.v

I'm married to naruto-kun and I have kids with him . it's a surprise he actually noticed me .  I breathe in activating my Byakugan . Woah it's so many of them . I hear footsteps making me turn to see my future self.

"Are you ready?" She asked me making me twiddle my fingers. It's myself but why do I feel so shy. "Y-yes." I stuttered as she laughed lightly. "I was so precious when I was younger." She sighed .

"YOUR STILL PRECIOUS SWEETIE!!!" Future Naruto-Kun screamed making F-me blush lightly . "Tch,this is sickly sweet." Past shikamaru sucked his teeth .

         Past shikamaru p.o.v

" well suck it up 'cause it'll happen sooner or later to you." F-me sighed as F-tamari grinned like a mad man . I shivered at that .

F-me sweat dropped at her smile. "Definitely should prepare for it." I groaned.

            Author p.o.v

P-Ten ten just stared at F-tenten who pulled out her upgraded weapons. "The fact I have to go through this again makes me want to punch tenori in his gut." F-tenten sighed as F-rock lee nodded .

"I do not want to talk about it I am very disappointed in myself just thinking about it."F-tenori rubbed his forehead making F-Hinata laugh since he just suddenly popped up .

"This the weird looking guy that tried to take mom away is here again.You should've stayed with him." Boruto popped out of no where . "YAH !!" F-naruto growled still on his guard just in case an enemy try to attack. "Boruto what are you doing here." F-Hinata rubbed his head softly .

"I want to help.all of us want to." Boruto grinned. "What did you guys do this time?" F-shikamaru sighed. "We're going to rescue tenji." Himawari squealed popping up out of a bush with the others. "Grandma tsunade couldn't handle us so she let us go." Sadara spoke.(p.s tsunade knows these kids can be a big help)

A/n I hope this version is better. The next chapter is the kids saving tenji but the thing is how could I make it could instead of boring 🤧🤧🤧

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