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Suddenly lightning began to crackle uncontrollably in Barry's hand. Everything was glowing like he was becoming Zeus. Kara looked at him worriedly while Winn and J'onn are agaped. Alex was feeling chill down her spine.

Oh! No way I am gonna do that Barry suddenly yelled.
Kara confused asked 'Barry, whom are you talking to? '
Barry sighed 'I don't know. A voice came in mind saying I am gonna run around earth in few seconds. I don't think I like that idea. ' Suddenly his mouth twitched and with sudden jerk, he was ten feet away from Kara. He began to move randomly and rammed into desk at Deo. Kara rushed over to him to check for his injuries. But they were gone like they were never existing. Must be due to absurd level healing.

Kara looked over at other who could do nothing but shrug. Controlling a speedster wasn't what they were accumosted to on daily basis. However winn was not out of ideas.

"Kara! Use your freezbreath. Speed and cold are opposites. It should slow down the movement of his cells. " Winn said. Kara nodded but even before she could use her breath, with gust of wind and crackling of electricity he was gone .
"Where the hell is he gone now? "Kara yelled in frustation. She had just got him back and now there was another problem. She desperately wanted all this complication to end and finally she could muster up courage to ask him out. She wasn't yet sure about he feel but she knew sooner than later, she would have to make a move. But for now she needed to find Barry and put him to rest.
" Sattelites are showing blur of red all across continent. He is moving around earth at light speed. And if he continues... Mm. " Winn's voice faltered.
'Then what? "She asked nervously.
" Then I am pretty sure he will disintegrate. " He said worriedly. Kara was dumbfounded. That's it. She was not gonna let him die no matter what it takes.
She quickly flew away and saw a blue approaching with her superior vision. She stood in front of him and let out freeze breath. But moving at light speed was like crumbling anything to dust. His speed faltered a little to Mach 900 but it was nothing. So he rammed to Kara and stopped while skidding after swepting her half the continent. His voice panicked and his body tensed . She was unconscious .

"Hey Kara talk to me. Hey hey " He clinged to her while shaking her. But she was not answering so he quickly held her up in his arms and carried to DEO where there was whole ruckus going on. He put her in med bay while he screamed for help. Alex quickly pushed him away and then Doctors came and began analyzing her. He sighed and realized that it was all because of him. He couldn't just take it. All he wanted was to stay and tag with her but it was clear she was getting hurt due to him. Like everyone who had gone. His mom, Ronnie.

His thoughts were interrupted by sudden intrusion of Doctor.
'Is she gonna be okay? ' He asked with his mouth twitching.
"Yeah. It is nothing to worry about but..... " Doctor trailed off.

"But? " He questioned.
'Her recent memories are affected. Like she wouldn't remember what happened last week. ' He admitted and then exited room. Barry pondered over the information he just got. She wouldn't remember him. Sure it hurts him a lot but then he thought about her. She would never go in any danger due to him. She would never have to get stuck in his rubble. It was probably better this way. It was like fate giving him second chances and this time he was not gonna suck it up due to some attraction.
He was about to go but then he thought what if Winn or Alex or somebody warned her about it. Everything would be just as screwed. He couldn't let that happen. So he went after them.
"Hey Alex, Winn, J'onn or any one here, I just want to tell you all that Supergirl won't remember me now so it is better that way and nobody should remind her and putting her in peril unnecessarily. " He said . Everyone perked up their ears and went back to work nodding in agreement.
However Alex sighed "Barry, this is not fair. Accidents happen. You cannot let that get in way. "
"Ya such accidents could harm her. So I Mean it. I am asking you to think abound her as your sister and look to fact about protecting her . I am a void of uncontrollable energy now. " He said sadly and shrugged before running only to see disheartened look on Alex 's face. Only one person to go.
Cat Grant. Well that was gonna be hard.

Barry entered Cat Grant's office. Cat looked up and exclaimed "Well if it is not the scarlet speedster. Hmm so wassup flash. " Barry look Bewildered and he panicked. But he quickly figured out Cat was not gonna he fooled so she must know about kara too.
"Well I guess then you know who Supergirl is, too? " He said to which she nodded . Barry poured out whole story and although it was hard time with uncountable references to big bang series which cat said while advising him not to do so, Cat agreed.
Though it was gonna take while for Barry to get used to not so new but not remembering him Kara.

Kara's pov
Why I am in med bay? I mean how did I end up here. I can't remember. ' I yelled.
Alex looked up and responded "Oh! You were fighting an alien. Turns out he was just accidentally stuck here. So he knocked you out and now he is back to his planet. Everything is.. Is fine. Wanna go for a coffee. " I could tell she was hiding something but didn't press her. Well things were good. It was probably late now. Guess would have to go to Catco tomorrow.

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