Ch. 2

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FYI how Igneel looks like on top is how Kasai looks like but darker hair

[ The Job ]

Location: Magnolia

"Why do you want to go on this job alone. Aren't we supposed to be a team." Laxus said accusingly as he and Kasai walked through the busy streets of Magnolia back to their guild.

"I know, but... I feel like I need to practice my elemental magic alone and this job is long enough for me to master it." Kasai explained simply before he quietly added, "Even thou Gilgarts helped me with it, I still sometimes loose my cool, and they go completely haywire!?" He mumbles to Laxus as they both walked through the market.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for accusing you... But promise me you'll at lease use your lacrima to keep in touch.. Can't loose my best friend now, can we Pinkie." Laxus said with a smirk as he ruffled his fellow seventeen year old's pink hair. Glaring at the slightly taller boy Kasai fixed his as they entered the guild.

"Big brother!!"

Was all the warning Kasai got, before he was jumped by the youngest generation of fairies.

"Kasai! Fight me!!" Natsu shouted as he jumped at him with fist full of fire.

Only to be punched into a wall.

"I'll g-get you... next time... J-just you wait." Natsu said before loosing conscious.

"Keep telling yourself that lil bro." Kasai said walking over and picking him up like a sack of potatoes. Before placing him on a chair, where he walked up to the bar where his master sat.

"Ready for my job Gramps." He nodded and gave Kasai the job information. Looking it over Kasai and sending the old mage a questioning look which only got him a nod in return before Kasai let it go and walked to the future generation of Fairytail wizards.

Who all looked up at him tearfully.

"Alright you guys, I'll be gone for a while so I'll need you all to watch over Gramps and the guild." Kasai said before he hugged all of them tightly and walked over to Laxus. Took off his headphones (A gift from Laxus to cover his ears in the guild) and handed them to him.

"Remember Laxus, gotta master your lighting before the thunder. I'll give these to you so you don't forget that. Take care of them alright." Kasai said to the blonde gesturing towards his siblings before pulling him into a manly hug over the shoulders.

And lastly he walked over to his little brother, who has just woken up and was crying.

"Come on Natsu, none of that" Kasai said as he wiped away the tears from his little brother's face. "Natsu remember what Dad told us to do in times of sadness. I'll be back before you know, that's a promise I'll never break. Get stronger okay? We still have a rematch to think about, so you better be training while I'm gone." Kasai said to him as he placed his forehead on his with a large fanged smirk.

"Yeah!!! I'll get stronger and I'll finally beat you! Than I'll become a S class wizard!!" Natsu shouted with a big smile as he hugged his big brother.

"That's what I'm talking about!! See you soon!"

Walking towards the door, Kasai waved at them not looking back as he disappeared from their sights.


[So like a few years before Tenrou Island arc when they all return]

Location: Second Fairytail Guildhall


"What is it Kasai?"

The darked haired man turned his head towards the guild's strongest and oldest member besides him and Wakaba of course.

The pink haired man solemnly looked up at his guild master. The man could see large, dark bags underneath his eyes and Macao could see that the young man seemed like he was going to drop dead any second do to lack of sleep.

"I'm leaving, Macao." Kasai told him seriously looking him straight in the eye.

Silence filled the guild as everyone stared at the once famous "Fairytail's Older Brother".

The blue haired man looked at the dragon slayer's face that was telling no lies.

His mismatched red and yellow eyes no longer held the same fire they had years ago the man looked tired and all out of hope.

You see, Macao was in desperate need of help and one day so while searching the fourth master's office he had found a way to summon Kasai to help with the guild.

And the young man did just that.

These past years he had done nothing but jobs and search for their missing family members.

But... it seems even he to began to lose hope

Macao had to bite his lip to hold back his tears as he reluctantly said, "Alright...."

He removed the guild mark that had burned itself on his right arm that seemed to painfully burn itself off leaving a faded but still seeable guild mark.

Kasai grunted softly in pain before flexing his arm some, than nodding his thanks towards the his now former guild master.

When he pulled off his scarf.

He stared down at it, as it was the only left he had of his brother and father.

He sighed sadly and handed it to a shocked Macao before he made his way towards the guildhall doors.

When he stopped, "Take care of that will you. I don't want to leave you all but, I just can't stay here anymore." Kasai told them simply causing all of them to flinch.

His little goddaughter Asuka tried to walk over to him but was held back by her father.

"Uncle Kasy?"

Kasai didn't look back at his goddaughter before he walked out.

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