Ch. 1

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| Brother |

No One's POV

(Kasai's 16 Laxus is 16 )

Kasai sat alone in his cabin in his home, he had hired some builders from town to construct it with the money he earned from jobs. It use located at the old campsite he used when he arrived in the outskirts of Magnolia, he saw no reason to not to as the location had everything he needed to survive.

All he needed was some furniture and the essentials.

Currently, he only had was a working stove, sink, a working bathroom, a table and one chair.

Right now he was sitting at his table, a large map of all of Fiore thinking up certain areas he could've missed while on a job searching for Natsu and his Dad.

Kasai than started thinking of an old job Makarov had assign him..


Kasai made his way up to the Master's office.

Knocking softly on the door,

"Come in."

Kasai walked in calmly walked in.

"Have a seat Kasai."

"What's up Gramps?" Kasai asked as he sat down a bit straighter as he saw that Makarov was in no mood for games.

"The magic council had been experimenting with dragonslaying magic for many years now."


"They have produced dragon larcrimas."

Kasai froze.

Igneel had told him bits and pieces of how many had made larcrimas to gain dragonslaying magic. But the process of implanting it was very painful process, in which billions have died from trying.

The probability of surviving one implantation is very low.

Makarov inched forward upon seeing this.

"How many?"

"Three but...

...they have been stolen."

At that Kasai stood up, slamming both his hands on the Makarov's desk.

"What the hell!!?"


Makarov had Kasai explained the whole situation to Kasai, an at first he was angered that the magic council would play with such sacred magic but alas there was nothing he could do about it...

Makarov had Kasai search all over Fiore looking for the larcrimas and he had found one already being implanted into a little girl by some dark guilds, who sadly died during the implant.

Which is how he met Gildarts Clive
Fairytail's Ace.

He was a laid back guy but was super strong mostly gone on jobs for several years. Thou Kasai heard many call him a womanizer...

Whatever that is?

Gildarts had told him that Makarov had assigned him to help Kasai on his job.

Which in that time, Gildarts helped Kasai master his magic to a certain degree.

Kasai looked at the time and saw that it was time for him to head towards the guild hall. Folding up the map placing it on the small wooden table, Kasai got up from his chair. Grabbing his sac (which had some money, his book, some food, water, and clothes) Kasai headed towards the guild hall

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