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as you read on the title, this is a VERY important announcement

first of all, i'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ! i see you guys voting on this story, commenting your reactions on certain parts (omg i love those!), adding this book (and my other works as well uwu) to your reading lists , and it really means a lot to me! i told you guys that i thought of adding additional/extra chapters in this book and we'll get on to that.

second, because of your loving support, i love u btw have i said that? anyway, an editor of another reading/writing community (app, whatever) has reached out to me and told me that they're interested in my book! omg thank you so so much, it's all because of you, readers!

okay now that the app, Dreame, told me that they want to this book to be there, sadly, i have to take down many chapters here :( i know it's sad because wattpad is the reason that this book had the opportunity to be read by you amazing people, but this baby of mine is going places and i can't just say no guys :((

anyway, i'm not going to remove all the chapters (yay!) so you guys could still have a preview of this book. i am also planning to have those additional/extra chapters that i said i'd make, only available in Dreame.

i will remove the chapters by September 5, 2019, and i will post the first 5 chapters of this book, (excluding the prologue) by September 7, 2019. i know it's sudden , and it's partially my fault because i was told just a few days ago and i just forgot to tell you about this since i was busy with college applications and school works , and i'm deeply sorry about it.

i love you guys so so much and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart because of the support you gave this book and the positive feedback that i received.

i promise i'll try to come back if i have any new ideas

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i promise i'll try to come back if i have any new ideas. i love you. see you soon.

- drey

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