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I'm a fish. I may not look like it, considering the hair on my head and the uniform I'm wearing, but I'm a fish. I'm not lying and I'm not a psycho. I repeat, I'm a fish. I am, I promise. I'm a werefish. Don't make fun of me. I know, a werefish?!!? What use is that?!!? Well, I'm a good swimmer for one...and that's all.

This is the story of me going to highschool. Yep, highschool. Did I mention that my father is a Martian and my mother is a spy? And I'm the little rascal that called the FBI. just kidding, though I did call the FBI and told them I lost my stuffed bunny when I was like 2?

Did I also mention that a super hot guy is my new next door neighbor?

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