Part 1

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I woke to the sound of birds chirping loudly outside my bedroom window. I opened my eyes, huffing grumpily as the sun poured through the two inch crack in my curtains straight into my face. I rubbed my hands on my eyes and ripped the blanket off my lower half as I quickly rolled out of bed. I glanced at the clock on the wall and shook my head softly. "7am....its too early to function...." I whispered to myself.

I snagged my phone off the dresser and unplugged the charger unlocking it by pressing my finger to the scanner on the back. I swiped the screen and tapped the alarm app so I could shut off the wake up call that should have happened 2 hours in the future. I huffed again as I opened up Youtube and clicked on my playlist as I sauntered off to the bathroom. Music began playing once I switched on my bluetooth speaker that sat perched on a shelf above the toilet and I sat my phone down and turned on the water to the shower. Once it reached proper temperature, I slipped out of my oversized t shirt and sweatshorts and stepped carefully into the steaming hot water.

"Hey look much cooler on these dru..uh..uh..uh..uh..uhuhgs...."

Lyrics to one of my favorite songs poured out of the speaker and I couldn't help but sing along.

"Fight, kid...some motherfucker wants your BLOOD, your BLOO...UH..UHD" I sang at the top of my lungs...happy that I lived alone, but hoping the neighbors couldn't hear me through the walls.

I continued singing along as I massaged my scalp with eucalyptus shampoo. I finished up in the shower with a thorough rinse and reached for my towel, pulling it to wrap around my body before the cool air could hit me. I Stepped from the shower and wiped fog from the mirror before grabbing my moisturizer to spread across my face.

I took a few minutes applying some makeup to my face to prepare for the day. Nothing too heavy, just a nude lip and some winged liner and mascara. I was lucky enough to have pretty clear skin so foundation was unessasary at the moment. That was rarely the was just a good day. I ran a brush through my waves and took one last look in the mirror before heading back into my bedroom to scan my wardrobe for the outfit of the day. I decided on a long sleeve band tee and some black jean shorts with silver studs down the sides. I grabbed my chucks and slipped them on my feet and made my way towards the living room, grabbing my phone from the bathroom on the way out. I shut down youtube before snagging my keys off the coffee table and headed out the door. As I got to my car, my phone started ringing. I glanced down and groaned at the sight. It was my boss...probably understaffed. As much as I didn't want to answer, I knew I would get the cold shoulder if I didn't so I slowly slid my finger across the green button on screen and pushed the phone to my ear.

"Morning, Gwen." I tried my best to sound cheerful and not at all annoyed.

"Hey, Ana...Don't hate me, but I'm gonna need some help today so I was wondering if you would be willing to cover bar? It will only be a couple of hours so I can catch up on some paperwork in the office. We've gotten behind and I've been sent in to pick up the slack. I know You were supposed to be off today but you're the only one who's answered and if I don't get this paperwork done, the whole place is gonna be in deep shit."

I stifled a sigh and responded "I got you, worries. It's just a couple of hours and I guess the extra cash never hurts. What time do you need me in?"

"OH ANA, THANK YOU! I just need you to open for me so if you could be here by 10am I would be so grateful!" She nearly yelled into my ear.

I looked at the clock on my phone "9:15". I whispered, groaning a bit. "I'm on my way..."

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