Part 38

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While everybody was busy talking, while some wonder off into space, there was a long blonde hair girl who was confronted with a wavy black hair girl.

"Um, Zen and I are just classmates!! We are just classmates, nothing more! Zen and I don't have any relationships together except classmates!!" I hurriedly explained with a nervous smile on my face.

I see the look of disbelief on her face. Is this good? Did she believe me? What did I sound like?

Just as I thought she believed me, she spoke.

"Lies! Classmates, Classmates, Classmates! Yeah, sure~ you're classmates and go to the same school!! I would have believed that but the way Zen looked at you and smile and not hesitating to walk towards you!! What you are saying are lies!" She furiously looked at me with a drink in her hands.

Oh, she got a bitchy tone.

I forced a smile and waved my hands up and down lightly and let out a giggle.

"Oh my~ You're very funny!" I said as I smile and tilted my head, covering my lips with my hands as I giggled.

Her face scrunched up in anger and took one step forward.

"You—! Hmph!" She takes a step back and try to be calm and relax her face and body. Maxie looks up at the Lady 16 and sees her black sunglasses. She frowns and looks up at the light and back at her.

"Hey, Why are you wearing sunglasses! The light isn't even bright in here!" She said as she tries to look through the black glasses but couldn't because it was too dark.

I raised my hand and used a finger and pushed my sunglasses (we're putting sunglasses now, meh) up.

I smiled at her.

"Goes great with my fashion." I bluntly said and looked down at my outfit. "Looks good, right?"

Maxie couldn't believe what she just heard. She is speechless. This is the first time she has ever met this kind of a person!

She thought back at Zen.

No, Zen wouldn't like this kind of...

She looked at the young lady in front of her as she drinks the clear water until the last drop.


I placed my cup down and saw her staring at me. Why is she looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong to make her look at me like I'm some kinda a new published book?

I cleared my throat and smiled as she looked back at me.

"Um, is there anything you need? If you want company, look into your left and take 17 steps over there and join those young ladies. If you want food, look into your right and take 0 steps and take anything you want. If you want me for a chat, I'm sorry but we just had a chat." I politely said as her eyes twitched and her hands turn into a fist.

"You...." she murmured.

This girl is insane!

Maxie thought.

Just as I was about to leave her alone, she calls out.

"Wait!" She said and I turn around to face her.

"Aren't...aren't you curious about me? Not even going to ask my name? Anything?" Maxie said as she raised her head up proudly and looked at her.

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