Chapter Eight: Damaged-

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A/N: Gif of Finn being all sad on the side bc Seb Stan pulls off the most heartbreaking teary-eyed moments I've ever seen jfc

  It's been a week since we found Tyler passed out on the ground. He hasn't even bothered acknowledging me over the last seven days. The fight was never brought up, Tony actually dropped the attitude and things went relatively back to normal.

    I still had a slight hint of a bruise on the underside of my jaw. It had turned a discoloured-skin tone with a slight tinge of yellow. Tyler's head had apparently healed up nice, but Tony told me there was still a scab there and that Tyler wouldn't stop picking at it.

    I wouldn't know because, well, I'd been spending most of my time with Finn since Tyler wanted nothing to do with me and Tony practically stuck to his side more than ever, panicking about him suddenly dropping to the ground and going into a coma.

    I guess the story of how Ash's boyfriend died had affected us all, subconsciously.

    Finn appeared from down the back of a small late-night supermarket, after giving some guy a happy ending that earned him about a hundred quid straight out the pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him as he rounded the corner, hands in his coat pockets and a smirk on his lips.

    “Have fun?” I said, mimicking his strides.

    “Oh definitely,” he grinned. I suppose I would call the two of us somewhat friends now. After spending a week with him, I'd gotten to know him a bit better and I guess, at a push, he was an alright guy to hang around with. I mean, only if you needed someone to pass the time with, and stuff.

    “You seem a lot more enthusiastic than usual,” I observed, eyeing him carefully. He looked way too relaxed. But then, I wasn't sure I'd ever seen Finn tense.

    “He returned the favour,” was his response, winking and widening his grin. I shook my head. The guy was a proper slut, and he didn't even care. He loved the whole idea of being a rent boy. He loved giving and receiving all the same.

    “Sex addict,” I muttered under my breath. Finn heard, shoving his palm against my shoulder with too much strength. I collided with a gentlemen walking by, who gave me a dirty look and told me to watch where I was going.

    “Nothing wrong with that.” He said, still with a smile on his lips.

    “Yeah 'til you catch yourself an STI,”

    “I'm safe,”

   “To hell you're safe, are you joking? That guy genuinely used a condom back there? Seriously?” You couldn't blame my disbelief. The bloke looked shadier than a bloody loan shark.

    Those kinda guys are usually all oh but it doesn't feel the same with a johnny on and I'm clean, I swear and then the next thing you know you're sitting in a walk-in clinic shrugging at the nurses as if you had no idea how you bloody caught the infection in the first place.

    “Well, no,” he admitted. “But I mean, he didn't have anything gross down there and his come tasted–“

    “Oh wow,” I interrupted him. “Oh god, you really wasn't about to say that. Was you? Christ, man, that's disgusting.” I felt bile rise in the back of my throat.

    Finn looked surprisingly offended. “Don't act like you've never swallowed before, little miss Daisy.” He chided.

    “Yeah I'm not saying I haven't, but I don't go around telling other people about it.”

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