Chapter 3 - You look like an idiot!

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Hey!! I promised my friend (Bryony) that I would upload again tonight, so here it is. I know it's short, but I have a really bad headache and I'm really tired.

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chappie 3

Still overcome with shock, frozen in position, I nearly heard is answer, and it took twice as long to register in my brain that he had introduced himself. For once, the way he introduced himself differed from populars like Jenna and Max, and instead of having a stuck-up tone, it was soft and friendly.

My mental rambling was disturbed by Elliot, trying once again to talk to me.

"Which year are you in, Lana?"

I had learnt my lesson from last time, and did not answer verbally. Instead I showed up all of my fingers, signalling I was in year 10.

Once again, he seemed satisfied and nodded his head in recognition. "Same! Which class?"

How can this guy be so cheery about schoool??

'It's coz he's new, dummy!'

'Ok, who the fudge are you?'

'I'm your concscience, duh!'

'I don't like you very much, you aren't very nice.'

'Fine, don't talk to me then!!'

With that, the annoying voice inside my head left me in peace, but with a throbbing headache. I gripped the side of my temple, and rubbed gently trying to massage out the pain.

It didn't help when Mr. Mond asked (in quite a loud voice may I add) "What's wrong?"

I tilted my head and gave him my best 'Shut the hell up' face, which I had perfected behind my parents backs over many years.

"Sorry, just asking!" he mused, putting hands up as a gesture of defeat. He looked sorry for all of two seconds before a ridiculous and drop dead gorgeous grin made its way onto his perfect face.

I raised an eyebrow, questioning his grin. What was funny about this, I was anything but laughing, and he shouldn't be either!

"Nothing, nothing," he chuckled. It was obviously something. "Its just your face was priceless! What was it supposed to be, because to be honest, I was too busy thinking about the

resemblance to a grumpy old lady!"

At that, I cracked a smile. This guy sure new how to make some-one feel better.

His beam grew as he said: "Don't ever stop smiling, you have a beautiful smile."

Aah, that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

The moment was that of a perfect romance film, until the door burst open.

"What the hell is going on in here? What is HE doing with someone like you?"


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