Chapter 33

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"Go to fucking sleep

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"Go to fucking sleep." I mumbled to Jamell. It was currently 2 in the morning and he kept tryna get me horny and shit.

"Come on. Just touch it." He said grabbing my hand. I pulled it back.

"Leave me alone. I'm tired." I said closing my eyes.

"How? We only went 4 rounds." He said.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Maurice. If you don't stop touching that." I yanked his hand away from my pussy.

"So you really not gon let me? Bet."

I scrunched my face up and closed my eyes again. I felt him move out the bed.

"Where the fuck you going?" I asked. He cut the lamp on.

"So now you wanna know?"

"Bring yo megamind headass back to bed." I said.

"Nah you don't want me to fuck you right? So imma just go find pussy from someone else." He said pulling out his phone. Now he know better. I got outta bed and grabbed his phone and threw it on the bed.

"And you and that bitch will be buried. 6 feet deep. Stop playing with me."

He laughed at me. Fuck is so funny?

"It's my pussy and I need it now." He said grabbing me and pulling me close.

"Nigga you is not J.G Wentworth."

He pushed me in a playful way and I fell on the bed. He cut the light off and got on top of me and started kissing on my neck.

"Jamell get off me." I moaned feeling him hit my spot.

"This should really be considered rape." I mumbled.

"Shut that shit up. You know you like this shit." He said kissing my lips. I sighed.

"Ok. One round that's it I don't give a fuck what you say I'm going to fucking sleep. Don't wake me up or anything." I said. He took off his boxers. Now I was horny. As fuck.

"That's all I need." He said.


I woke up squinting my eyes at the sunlight coming in. I wiped the crust and shit out my eyes and I turned over and seen Jamell sleeping. I got outta bed and fucking fell.

"Daddy put in work last night." Jamell grumbled in a sexy ass morning voice. I got back up and stood there for a minute. See the aftermath of getting dick from him. I did my hygiene routine and went downstairs. I seen Bryson, Track, Bort, and Kentrell just sitting on my couch.

"How y'all get in my damn house?" I asked.

"Nigga I'm a criminal. I picked the lock." Bort said.

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