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Jungkook lay in bed that night, unable to prevent the smile creeping across his face. The mere thought of the kiss he'd shared with Taehyung hours before plagued his mind, causing his mouth to constantly twist into a painful smile which he couldn't seem to remove from his face.

He remembered the soft sensation of Taehyung's mouth against his, as he ran his tongue along the boy's bottom lip swiftly. It felt so right. Despite the fact that was the first time he'd ever been intimate with a man, Jungkook only saw one difference as he compared the kisses he'd shared with women in the past along with Taehyung's.

The moment he'd had with the blue-haired boy was meaningful. Jungkook wanted nothing more than to peck gentle kisses over Taehyung's face all day. The second he realised he had to pull away, due to the fear someone may see them, there was only one thought in the Prince's head.

He had no intention of that being the last kiss he'd share with Taehyung.

That night when he fell asleep, there was only one person in Jungkook's head; and it wasn't his callous Father, nor was it the Princess. It was Kim Taehyung.


The following morning, Jungkook found himself hastily slipping on his clothes over his body as he checked his appearance in the mirror for the fifth time. Taking a brief glance outside his bedroom window as soon as he'd awoken, the Prince couldn't ignore the piercing rays of sunlight filling up every ounce of his room, hence why he'd decided that today he would take Taehyung out for a ride.

If he left early enough, he doubted anyone would see them. The rest of the palace was most likely sleeping so Jungkook wouldn't have to fret about Jennie spotting them a mile off.

The Prince stared at his own reflection in the mirror, his eyes darting over his muscular frame. His dark, brown eyes were slightly covered with the overgrown strands of black hair which masked his entire forehead, reminding Jungkook he was in desperate need for a haircut.

The tight white shirt he was wearing over his upper body outlined his figure with every detail, showcasing his built arms, toned chest and bulky back muscle. Jungkook doubted he'd ever dressed with the intention to impress someone in his entire life until now.

Feeling satisfied with his appearance a few moments later, Jungkook departed from his bedroom door, walking down the hallway towards Jimin's room, which he knew he shared with Taehyung after overhearing a conversation between Yoongi and his boyfriend. Although he wanted virtually nothing to do with Park Jimin at that precise second, Jungkook realised he couldn't avoid the elder. That was the only way he'd manage to get Taehyung.

Standing outside the bedroom door, Jungkook suddenly felt nervous. He wondered if he was rushing into taking out the boy a day after the kiss they'd shared, which could have easily meant nothing to Taehyung, however the Prince simply couldn't resist being away from the boy any longer.

That's why he found himself knocking softly against the wooden frame of the door, hearing the padding of footfall growing gradually louder as they came towards the entrance before the familiar face of Park Jimin popped up in front of him.

"J-Jungkook?" he stuttered in surprise, quickly attempting to rub the sleep away from his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Is Taehyung here?" the younger asked dryly, immediately feeling annoyance as he glared at his own servant. He didn't forget the reason why he'd slapped Taehyung across the face in the first place. "I need him now. Get him."

Jimin stayed still for a second, before he nodded awkwardly, taking a step back into his room. "Tae? Jungkook's here. He wants you," he called out, moments before Jungkook heard frantic shuffling and a deep voice mumbling back, evidently thick with sleep.

A few awkward seconds hung around the air between Jimin and Jungkook, as the servant stared at the floor sheepishly, waiting for Taehyung to approach the door. Finally, the blue-haired stumbled over towards where the Prince was whilst he looked up at him with widened eyes.

"Jungkook? Is there something you need?" he rushed out, a clear blush covering his bronze cheeks.

"Tell that little rat to leave first. I can't have him rushing off to tell Yoongi each word that comes out my mouth," the younger spat out, staring at Jimin with a piercing gaze. "Go on. Get out."

Park Jimin immediately left the pair alone as he followed the Prince's order, going back into his room before Taehyung stepped out the room, closing the door behind him. He looked up at Jungkook curiously, feeling a mixture of both embarrassment and awe as he felt shy of the kiss they'd exchanged, although he couldn't help but gawk at how handsome he looked.

"Anyway," the Prince continued, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. "I was wondering if you'd.. uh.." he trailed off, suddenly not quite knowing what to say.

Every single fibre in his body was screaming at him to backtrack from his original intentions as he was reminded of how Taehyung betrayed his trust by making him look like a complete fool, however he couldn't seem to formulate any words of anger towards the boy, who continued to look up at the taller male with tired eyes.

It was evident Jungkook had disrupted his sleep.

"If I was what?" Taehyung mumbled softly, noticing how Jungkook seemed to be stuck in his words.

"If you wanted to go out for a walk with me," Jungkook forced out, wishing for the ground to swallow him whole. He felt so embarrassed as his once sullen demeanour had been completely thrown out the window in front of Taehyung. "I just reckoned you've never seen the sun rising from the view out in the palace gardens.. so.. yeah."

The servant felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he listened to Jungkook's words, visibly gulping at his offer. He sensed a childish excitement building up in the pit of his stomach before he found himself automatically nodding enthusiastically, his eyes lighting up.

"I need to change first, if that's okay," he said, wiping the sweat hastily against his trousers. "I won't be more than five minutes."

"I'll be waiting out here. Take your time, Taehyung," Jungkook said warmly, sending the boy over a small smile.

He took a step backwards as he watched the servant walking back into the room, closing the door behind him as he quickly got ready for the "date" Jeon Jungkook was planning to take him out on as soon as he'd made himself look somewhat presentable.

A/n: BRUHHH JUNGKOOK'S NEW DEMO SONG ACTUALLY HIT ME IN THE HEART. His deep fucking voice literally had me SHOOK. And who's looking forward to the Justin Bieber collab with Jk?! Tbh idk how I feel about that bc I hate jb lmao but as long as Jungkook's happy then idrc.

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