Part 17

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" where is she ?! " I stared at Micheal trembling unsure of how to respond, I didn't know if it would make him even angrier if I had no idea where Alex had disappeared to.
" m-maybe we should check out that diner? Where those people got killed, Alex could have been involved...even worse ! Hurt! " I looked at him shocked " there is no way she's dead don't say that...can't that witch lady help us? Like do some spooky spell " Micheal nodded slowly
" maybe "

As we arrived at the shop i shivered entering it, the whole shop gave me a bad vibe. I noticed Will, kneeled down beside the bookcase as he removed a couple of books, he turned to us confused " what are you doing here ? " I approached him " have you seen Alex? We haven't seen her in like two days and we're getting worried " Will looked at Micheal with a raised eyebrow, I don't think Will had met Micheal yet....
" I'll speak to Lucy, maybe she can cast a tracking spell "


" I don't belong here! This isn't my home and for sure as hell I don't belong anywhere with you! " I noticed Greys eyes turning darker, he clenched his fists but stayed standing " eat " then he stormed out, leaving me alone once again.
At least I wasn't down in the basement...

I got to my feet and walked towards the window, I breath hitched in my throat as I noticed how high up I was...definitely nowhere near Wills room...wait! That's it, Will should be somewhere in this pack house!
I ran towards the door, grabbing the doorknob and trying to yank it open. Of course it's locked...maybe if I just, I rose my leg and with all the strength I had I kicked the door, I felt the wood graze against my skin as I yelped in pain
" great now I have a hole " I backed away from the door and took a deep breath, what if I tried doing the thing I did at the diner? I don't even know what it was or how to but maybe...

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, clutching my teeth I put my hand up...I felt the fire run through my body and I heard trembling and finally a loud bang! I looked up and saw the door laying on the floor
" what the hell is wrong with me " I whispered to myself as I left the room

Since I came to this town everything has been backwards, the werewolf's, the mates and now whatever is going on with has to be connected

I walked down a long hallway until I reached an elevator, as I walked inside I saw the many floors and thought for a second, I can't take the ground floor, if I run into Grey I'll be seriously screwed. I pressed the fourth floor and the door closed
I took a deep breath and leaned against the wall, whatever awaits for me on the floor I guess I'll have to take care of it

The elevator stopped and the door opened, I was met with wide eyes and a gaping mouth
" uh hi " the girl from early stared at me shocked " don't say a thing " I snapped as I stepped out, she backed away from me " y-you shouldn't be out of y-your room Luna " she whispered bowing down
" Christ stand up " I rubbed my eyes
" just tell me how to get out of here pleas! " she stood up but never looked at me in the eye
" I-i can't Luna I'm very sorry " I stood staring at her, i could tell she wasn't being treated properly here...the bruises on her skin made my skin crawl

" what's you're name ? " I asked her as I kept my eye behind her, making sure no one saw me.
" I'm an omega Luna " Was that her name ? What's that even supposed to mean...
" i-alright, don't tell them you saw me you understand me " I walked past her and when I reached a few feet away I turned around and saw her standing still where I left her, my stomach dropped as I walked away.


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