Defenders of Peace

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Narrator: Republic Forces in retreat! While rescuing General Aayla Secura from certain defeat at the hands of Wade Dooku, Anakin Skywalker has been seriously injured. After a narrow escape, our heroes crash-landed on the remote world of Maridun. Stranded, Zane injured and with no way to contact the Republic, the Jedi receive medical aid from the peaceful Lurmen colonists. But even on this tiny planet the war threatens to follow the Jedi.

Lurmen Village No POV

The villagers were minding their own business, Bly walked out of one of the houses and saw two Lurmen struggling with a basket of fruits and helped them, in return one of them gave Bly a fruit. On a nearby cliff, Rex and Slash were keeping a lookout until Slash saw something and used the binoculars to spot a Droid Battalion Carrier.

Slash: Droids.

Rex: Commander Bly, we've got company.

Bly:<com> friendlies?

Rex: negative, sir. A Droid ship.coming straight our way.

Bly:<com> acknowledge. Get back here.

Bly put his helmet back on and went to tell General Secura the information.

Bly; General?

Anakin: yes, Commander.

Bly: we've got a Separatist ship, incoming.

Wag Too: this is neutral space.

Anakin; it won't be neutral for long, not if the Separatists have their way.<groans> help me up.

Wag Too; don't struggle. I'm sorry, but you're still too injured to move.

Zane: my breathing is fine now. I can walk.

The Elder saw the ship landed and went to the Jedi.

Elder: what menace have you brought to our village now, Jedi?

Wag Too: Father, you cant blame them.

Ahsoka: he's right. The Separatists don't even know we're here.

Secura: and they can't know. We've got to hide.

Elder: your presence here endangers us. You must leave before your enemies find you.

Ahsoka: but you'll need our help. You can't fight them alone.

Elder: we will not fight them at all. We would rather you die than to kill others.

Ahsoka: you're going to surrender? But how can you..,

Anakin: Ahsoka, Stop. If the Lurmen want to remain neutral, we won't force them into war.

Elder: see to it that they leave. I must see what our new visitors want.<walks to the Separatists>

Zane:<senses something> he's here.

Ahsoka: who?

Zane: Wade.

The Droids were standing in attention while a fat alien that looks like Gunray's species came out with his alien assistant, Wade was in his hover chair as well as Dark Guard walking with them. They saw the Elder walk towards them, Wag Too was helping the Jedi and the Clones escape the village.

Durd: I am General Lok Durd of the Separatist Alliance.

Elder: I am Tee Watt Kaa, Leader of this colony. What do you...

Durd: you are now under the protection of the Separatist Alliance. I congratulate you on your good fortune.

Elder: thank you, but we enjoyed good fortune well before your arrival.

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