Chapter Ten - Orphan

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Chapter Ten Orphan

When I wake up I’m willing to take my chances on the hope I forget that you hate him more than you notice.

Fall Out Boy

 “Good job, Rome.”Ashton barked.

“Shut up!”He snarled and shoved his Menchies cup in my hand. “Take this.”

I couldn’t help but feel my heart sputter as we waited for the cop to come out and fine us. I tapped my fingers impatiently against my leg, feeling the denim beneath the tips of my fingers. I looked down at my waist to make sure my seatbelt was fastened but I knew well that it was. I watched other cars driving by slowly to not only avoid the cop but also take a good look at the people who had fallen victim to speeding. Well, not exactly fallen victim but were dumb enough to speed during rush hour when police patrolled around more than airport security after nine-eleven.

The police officer appeared beside Roman’s window. Roman pressed the button and let the window slide down automatically his face was smooth and worry-free. “Licence and registration.”The policeman ordered in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Roman nodded soberly and unbuckled his seatbelt. He withdrew his wallet from his jeans to slip out his license. He proceeded to lean towards me in order to pop the dash compartment open. He pulled out the appropriate papers and handed them to the officer.

The man was young, perhaps late twenties and had a full head of blonde hair. His eyes were a piercing blue and he had a golden five o’clock shadow. “Do you know what you were doing?”He assessed Roman coolly.

“I was speeding and driving recklessly.”Roman replied in a solemn tone of voice.

The officer nodded gravely, his eyes trailed on me and Ashton, “Who are you with…Roman?”He scanned Roman’s driver’s licence before reading off his name.

Roman hooked his finger towards the back, “My brother and a friend.”I was a friend? I guess it was easier than saying a girl who my parents took in after her parents died that lives with us but I loathe.

He nodded, “Alright, wait here.”The policeman walked back to his car, leaving the three of us in silence.

“Way to go, Roman, next time you want to drive dont.”Ashton snapped.

Roman frowned, spinning around to face him with fury, “I wasn’t the one begging to sit shotgun.”Then he turned to me with a scary scowl. “I wasn’t going to sit in the back.”

“Why the fuck not?”Ashton retorted, “She’s a part of our family now and you need to be less of an ass to her. Don’t fucking blame her.”And there they went, only this time, it was about me…

Roman huffed, “You almost got me arrested on Saturday and now this?”He turned the spotlight on me. “You’re so fucking annoying; I wish you never moved in with us.”

My mouth fell agape, “How is any of this my fault? I wasn’t the one driving like I was in Grand Theft Autumn twice. You’re such a cynical asshole, Roman; you can’t take any of the blame when this was clearly your fault.”

“It’s Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Autumn is a song!”Roman snapped, “And don’t talk as if you know me.”

Grand Theft Autumn was a song? I knew it sounded familiar…Rick and Tray were playing it in Media Arts. I felt my cheeks tinge red at my idiotic mistake. It made my argument seem irrelevant. Still, I threw in another two cents. “Don’t make yourself so easy to know. The grumpy douche bag with anger issues who lashes his frustration on the road and everyone around him.”

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