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FLUFF!!!! Hint of angst


You slam your car door and walk up to your condo kicking down the watering can just because you can. Ugh, worst day ever you think. You throw your coat on the floor not bothering to hang it up.

You didn't get this mad very often, you're usually quite calm. When you do get this mad it takes a lot to calm you back down again.

You cry out frustratingly as you realize your boyfriend was coming over for dinner tonight and you don't have anything ready. Thankfully you had shepherds pie in the freezer so all you need to do is defrost it.

As you carrying it to the counter you trip and the pie goes flying glass dish shattering into a million little pieces. Hands shaking you grab the closest thing to you and throw it against the wall without looking, turns it was the fancy wine bottle you were saving for tonight.

"Shit!" you scream

You take a deep breath, okay it's going to be fine I'll clean this up later and I'll just order Chinese food and we'll have the cheaper wine in cupboard.

You clean up all the mess and it takes longer than you thought! Lucifer's going to be here in two hours!

You rush over to the cupboard pulling out ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. If we can't have a nice dinner, then as least we can have homemade cookies you think.

Fortunately, the cookies get in the oven without any problems. You clean everything up and you still have a hour to spare. You quickly pull on a little black dress and curl your hair. By the time you get your makeup on the food has already arrived.

You flop down on the couch letting out a breath you didn't know you were holding. You still had ten minutes to pull yourself together before Lucifer gets here.

For some reason than you can't explain you end up falling asleep in that short period of time. Thankfully Lucifer has your spare key so he lets himself inside.

"Y/n! Wake up!" he chuckles walking over to you.

You jump up in surprise "Luci! You're here! Shit why did I fall asleep!" you panic.

"Well I don't know you tell me love" he sits down beside you.

Your about to nuzzle into him and let your stress melt away when the stupid smoke alarm starts going off. "Fuck! The cookies!" you shout running over to oven and pulling them out.

You cough and fan the smoke out of way you groan when you see the dark black circles that don't even look like cookies anymore. You throw them out and slam the tray into the counter, you're anger returning.

"Its okay darling, there just cookies. We still have your wonderful shepherds pie!" he says excited

There's practically steam coming out of ears when he says that, you know he didn't know but it still makes even more frustrated. You shout and throw the cookie tray at wall.

"Woah! Love, what's wrong?"

"I dropped the fucking shepherds pie on the ground!" you scream picking up your coffee mug from this morning and throwing it on the ground.

"Okay that's enough of that" Lucifer says in gentle tone. He picks you up and carries you bridal style to your bedroom and sets you down.

You stay silent anything, still fuming. Lucifer quietly shuffles and sits down with you and starts rubbing your back soothingly.

"What happened back there? You can't be that mad over some wrecked food." his eyebrows are furrowed in concern

You sigh giving in "it's just... I had a terrible day at work. We got a new intern today and he's the worst! Like I know I shouldn't let him get to me but he wouldn't stop making snarky comments about my ass and how a women as pretty as me should not be working here and a bunch of other stupid things. The worst thing is that none of my coworkers even stood up for me!" you rant eyes watering a bit.

Luciter continued to rub your back soothingly occasionally leaving down to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.  "I think I'll come to work with you tomorrow and have a little chat with that intern and maybe your boss too." he said in a determined tone

You sigh nuzzling into chest, you don't bother to talk him about it knowing he won't budge. "I'm sorry I got so angry... It doesn't happen often. 

"You don't need to apologize love emotions can't be controlled-trust me I've tired. Besides you had at a shitty day at work."

You smile "wanna watch a movie!?" you say you're usual cheerful voice returning.

He chuckled "there's my Y/n" he kisses your head and reaches for the remote. 

You fall asleep in each other's arms, content with the thought that if you ever got like that again Lucifer would be there for you.

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