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Trav: Carson
Carson answerrrr meee
I know you just ended your stream but I need you to come into my room

Carsom: I'm helping Noah with his setup rn can it wait sorry

Trav: yea but don't exactly take your time

Carsom: You okay?

Trav: no homo but I need you come in here and hold me for a bit

Carsom: I'll bring snacks too no homo

Trav: Thx no rush

।°~20 minutes later~°

Carsom: Travis I have a question

Trav: k ask

Carsom: are you gay?
or like... What's your sexuality i mean

f you don't mind me asking like you don't have to answer if you don't want

Trav: it's fine
idk I don't know yet... Sometimes I think dudes are cute and stuff but most of the time I don't really feel attached to anyone like I see other people do

Carsom: that's cool I get that
just wondering

hat do you want from downstairs

Trav: fridge

Carsom: ...

Trav: Strawberry popsicle

Carsom: k
be there in a sec

Trav: thak

Carson: youre welcome \o/

Trav: \o/

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