Loved Ones

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Support we all got from our loved ones, now for the most of us means nothing. That happy smile from our families now turned to grimaces and taunts. Yells and sneers and frowns. Where did our once proud memories go? Were they even real? Probably not now that what we get is laughed at and told we will never make it with what we wanna do in life. Told that dreams are just dreams. Only those lucky enough will get there.

They may be true but at least we tried. This tough love act doesn't sit in a world now of broken children and broke minds of those young adults.

Loved ones are support to help us pull the knife, the razor, the pills, the gun, the noose, the top of the building edge away from us. yet all they do is make it all come closer and closer until we stab, cut, swallow, shot, hang, down to the very end.

And yet those who have done that, we see in tears and crying out their loved one killed themselves. Why is that a painful thing for you? a shock? you saw they weren't happy. Did you even hear the things that came outta your damn mouths? Did you ever think to check on them? no? oh well i'm sorry you wasted your time now and now you will never get back what you once lost. The pain of now losing that one person that they thought you loved once and were something precious to. you failed. making it a point they couldn't be anything in life or survive. I congratulate you on you words, on your bullets, pills, and knifes. The razor that your loved one hand and now was put in action.

well done.

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