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Demons aren't just the fictional stories we read in books. Or the ones that haunt builds or certain places. No, they can be things that haunt us daily. The many voices in our heads just repeating the harmful lies or truths. Doesn't matter what they say we always end up listening to them cuz we can't make them leave.

They come in all ways. Whatever we fear is what form they take. From a person to an object, or a memory that does nothing but play on repeat. It'll never end because that's just what demons are.

We hide away, under our covers in hope they don't see us as they hide in the darkest parts of our bedroom. We dress and fix ourselves up and go out in public in hopes they don't find us in a crowd of millions. Disguising ourselves and fine and dandy. But they know us. They can smell us because our fears and insecurities have a smell that attract them. We try to to scrub it all away in hot water but the smell never leaves. It isn't sensable to us, even though it's there. We know it's there.

Our demons laugh at us. Until we straggle ourselves until we can't breathe. They cry our for us to stop in a laughing mocking manner. Because if we continue, we will kill ourselves and then that means they win. So close most of us come and then stop, in fear of what would lie beyond the black unknown we hear about. So we keep going on day by day, until we are pushed to our limit again and then the cycle sometimes starts again. But sometimes it doesn't.

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