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We speak nothing they say. Just another kid with a story with our pain like anyone else. A kid for attention.

Yet something so small, like "I need help getting here." could mean so much more than what you think it means. Even if that person is dressed nicely and has a smile bright as the sun, you never know.

With our words no one understands that now, no one can say the right knows without being told they are a fake, a liar, or just being annoying. Because now all it is is a game of who can be the most depressed, angry, broken. No one takes it seriously anymore.

Words now are so filled with hate. Even a simple 'hello' could be so hateful and you wouldn't know it until it's too late. But why is that? What has this world come to? Casting away peoples pain to only make room for the stupid and useless things we apparently need in life? Right. Makes so much sense now. Cuz look where it when since the simpler times.

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