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We are all glass. Shattered or not. Those of us are more fragile glass then ours. We are lucky if we have the bulletproof reflection that the majority has. But we will never be. No matter the brave face we put on.

Don't hate on me for this, but it's only the truth. We can face life, with a fragile glass shield but we will get shattered. The glass cracking on our bodies. Our reflection now a mismatched puzzle for society to see the real us, broken, bleeding and crying. The us we hid behind one way fragile glass.

One day bulletproof people will see that again, fear us that we are even walking in this society still. Insulting us as we walking with them. Their words like bullets to our glass. And that one will hit, making a small crack giving the other bullets advantage to now shatter away the clear, making pieces fall at our free and show the darkness we inhabit. Host in our body and physically show outside and was hiding behind it all.

But if we are lucky we can make it through. Our fragile glass reflection unharmed or a little cracked. But patch it away with whatever we know will help. Filling in that crack with glass fixer and start anew that next day.

A smile now drawn on our glass face.

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