Dark Side

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Welcome to the dark side. Where the lonely, the angry, the helpless, and the liars raid. The emotionless, outcasts, hated and thrown away live to support one another. The ones that society calls the ugly, the lacking, the poor and meaningless.

Welcome to the dark side, where hands to pick you up and show you the once harmonized and supporting hearts are now casted too.

We love the sounds of the fearful ones that lay eyes on us, shouting that we are monsters for the things we do. How we get along in life.

The anger they give us because we just won't give up. We will never give up. the sanity we have is what they call insanity. But it's what makes us, well, us.

The blood on our hands from killing ourselves to meet what our peers wanted will never be washed away, but now we don't have to create more for the fact we are leaving it all behind. The only blood we can create now it those of our demons, taming them until we are numb and broken internally and externally. Broken for the rest of our lives.

Our demons have become our friends and our dark side's friends, here to support us in hopes to get better. Even if our demons still whisper the small pains of truth.

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