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7 Years Later

It seems like just yesterday we were in this small room practicing our lines. Who would've thought our movie will still be playing? Atl is pretty iconic and I really appreciate how that one movie help jump start my career. I've been getting gigs like crazy! Since the last time people saw me I was this small girl with dimples. People put me in eye of thinking I have a "innocent image" well that was until I had my first son, Kameron. That is my joy and I thank god for him everyday. People only have a problem with me now because of who my baby father is! "Lil Wayne" .. To y'all he's Lil Wayne but to me he's always been "Dwayne". The media fail to realize it wasn't just a one night stand! What people don't know is I've known him since I was 15. Things happen and I don't regret it because I got a beautiful son now! He's 4 years old and look just like his damn daddy. My mom told me its because Wayne got on my fucking nerves the whole pregnancy. We are no longer together and I don't care who he goes on to date and its always love but I'm not "in love" with him. Wayne constantly blows up my phone asking who Im with and where I'm at when I tell him constantly if its not about our son DO NOT CALL ME! He doesn't get that at all. Sometimes I wish I didn't like the hood niggas I even softened it up and dated R&B Singer Trey Songz and I still got played but I'm not stressing about a singing ass nigga! Trey made a song for me "fumble" trying to apologize but I finally got the courage to take my ass on! He's had to say sorry soooo many times it's ridiculous! Now Im just focused on my child & my career. If somebody comes along so be it but Im definitely not about to go searching and looking for it! Whats real gone come to me.

The Twins Khadijah & Malika and I have been hanging out like always and I recently just introduced them to my girl Cassie. Cassie and I have been friends for years she's dating Diddy. They have a very odd relationship honestly but I don't even question it! Every time we go out he's giving her times to be home like he her daddy or something. Sometimes I be wanting to snatch her phone and text him "FUCK YOU" but I mind my business. I love hanging around the real because in the Hollywood eye its so many fakes they all talk shit then be all in your face!
Cassie: "NOW HOLD TF UP"
Khadijah: "WHAT?!"
Malika: "Whats Gucci?"
"I know thats not fucking Tremaine with Khloe last night, let me move my bang so I can fucking see this again" Cassie said.
I rolled my eyes and started to shake my legs. I turned to Cassie and automatically blurted out "YOU'RE LYING!" She turned the phone towards me and my mouth dropped. I mean Trey and I were dating for a good 4 years on and off. Khloe was my so called "friend" Cassie & I use to hang with her a-lot I cant believe this. Im so fucking pissed off y'all, We not together anymore and we haven't spoke since our break up but its the fucking principal of the situation. I will NEVER do that to anybody I was close with thats so low down and dirty!
Cassie:"Did you forget what family she's apart of?"
Khadijah:"I mean .. right? Its a routine for them"
Malika: "I love you Lo, but ima jus sit this one out"

I'll see y'all later, This ruined my whole day I really just cant deal.. I have to pick up Kameron anyway from my moms BYE!
Cassie: *smacks teeth* girl you really gone let that ruin your day? I thought you were over him? You acting like a whole sucka right now LL.
Bitch are you serious? Im acting like a sucka ? This is somebody I WAS CLOSE WITH! I cried on her shoulder when he cheated. She told me how wack he was but now look at the bitch all In his face kissing him. But Im acting like a sucker? Bye Cass.
Khadijah: "bye Lo love you"
Malika: "I'll call you later!"
Cassie: "bye girl , We gone see you tonight"

I'm so upset I could crash the damn car if I was stupid. Kameron is at my moms house she got him from school because I had an audition. I pulled up to my mom house where I hear music blasting loud as hell. The whole block must be over there ? My mom is very much respected around here. The block loves her and she constantly have get togethers at her house. I walked in , to see my sister Nae sitting on the couch!
"HEEEEEYYYYYY BOOGIE!!!" .. Nae shouted
I gave her the biggest hug, Nae is not my real sister but we literally known each other since elementary school. She was there through it all and I honestly love her so much! I asked Nae wheres Kameron and she pointed to his room.
I walked down the hall to see Kameron sleeping. I didn't want to go greet everyone else so I got him up from the bed and picked him up. I'm just gonna go because I was already still upset about what happened earlier. I opened up the back seat car door and placed Kam in his booster seat, I then fastened the seat belt. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and I hurried up and got into the car before anybody came out forcing me to stay for a while.

"Mommy?" I looked in the rear view mirror to see Kameron up.
"Yes Baby?"
"Am I going back to Grandma's house?" kam asked.
"Yes later on though, why whats wrong?"
"Nothing just asking" he said in his little voice.

I pulled up to the house and guess who was sitting in my drive way like the jack ass that he is ?
I got out the car walking to the back so I can get Kameron out. Shit, I was going to ignore Trey the best I could! I got him out and walked towards the front door. I reached to unlock the door when I felt a warm hand touch my hand.
"WHAT THE FU-" I stopped.
"Can we just talk?" Trey asked.
"I have nothing to say to you , please leave before I call the police." I said!
"You must got a nigga? You must be fucking somebody else? Let me find out! I will make your life a living hell" He said as he walked off.
I rolled my eyes. Trey only puffs his chest up at females never a nigga so I don't pay him any attention. He always gets like this and he's just upset that I'm not afraid of his words like the rest of these bitches be.
*Incoming Call: MOMMY👩‍👧💕*
"I said hey to Nae" I said.
"Everybody fixing to leave right now! AND we need to talk so come the back and bring KAMERON!" She said.
"Okay Mom" I hung up in her face.

  * 3 solid Knocks*

"IM COMING" I heard my mom say.

"Took you long enough" I said.
I sat on couch playing with my fingers I knew she was about to go in on me. I just had a little feeling the way she kept staring like she was trying to figure me out.
"Whats wrong with you Boog?" She asked.
Of course I told her nothing but here comes Nae walking out the kitchen. "SHE'S LYING MAMA"
I sucked my teeth mushing her in the face as she sat next to me.
"Okay, anyways we need to talk.. and its about Kameron" My mom said as she sat across from us.
  I adjusted my sitting position. What did he do ? I asked her. 
  "Kameron didn't do anything its you, You're always so busy I think you should take off and start spending more time with him. I know you're just trying to work so that you can get him everything he wants but how do you expect to have a great bond when you barely spend a whole week with him without bringing him over soon as you get one call?" She explained.
  I couldn't get one word out before she cut me off. Nae stared at me and said" So you not gone say nothing? Any other time you popping out the mouth."
I screamed. SHUT UP NAE FOR ONCE! I'm just trying to work so that my son doesn't have to want for anything PERIOD! I spend time with him and if I need to spend even more time I will! Thats not a issue y'all always try to team up when y'all get together and never let me get any words out! Now it feels like you're trying to say Im a bad mother!
"But thats not what were saying" My mom said.
... "Thats your problem now! Ever since a teenager you had a problem with being told what to do! For once just listen! Im your mother not some random female on the street that'll get socked for yelling like they crazy". My mom said.

  *Text Message From Cassie*
Cassie💙: Where you at?
Me: I'm at my moms house I'll be over in a minute.
Cassie💙: Okay Khadijah & Malika already over here!!
  Well I'll be back later to get Kameron tonight. I promised Cassie and The Twins I'll go to the little get together! Love you guys.

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