Explanation: This Is Not Leisure

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This is not leisure. This is not fun. This is not jokes.

This is not for children, or casual reading.

This is politics, philosophy, and a world separate from our own, but close enough to be terrifying.

If you come from our wonderful audience at MarvelHamiltonStory, do not use those stories as a base for judgement.

This is not that kind of story.


The Nightly News was published in 2007 by Image Comics, written by Jonathan Hickman. I can't tell you his intentions for writing it. I can't tell you how to interpret that story.

What I can tell you is how it affected me, and that I don't take rating lightly. When I say that this is for an audience of 15 or older, I'm not saying that there's just some language or violence.

There's lots. Of both. But more than that, it's the ideas the story conveys, and the ideas I am going to convey in the way I write and present this story. It's not something you can just... read. It's something you have to think about. Something that can be terrifying. Something that can shake you to your core.

Something that shook my whole being, right through my soul, and made me think. But without understanding that something, this story has no meaning.

I don't want you to waste your time on something with no meaning, and I certainly don't want to waste mine with it.

So think while you read it.

And if I can convince you to, think while you read The Nightly News, too.


So, once more, I'll say it:

This is not for leisure.

This is for war.

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