[Rebooting..Chapter 2... Confusion]

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Keith held his Bayard tightly in his hand, he was guarding the door. Shiro was watching as well. Pidge however was continuing the download. "Come on.." Pidge muttered tapping vigorously at her wrist hologram. "Almost.." Then her wrist hologram flashed green and she stood up running towards a pod and tapping the glass surface, a hologram popping up. "And...." She tapped a few more buttons and the glass slid out and the Altean fell forwards. "Eep!" Pidge squealed trying to hold the Altean up. "A little help?" Pidge muttered, lifting the body up for a better grip. Keith and Shiro ran over and pulled the Altean off of Pidge. "Hmm.." Pidge muttered examining the Altean.
"Hunk and Lance we need you to stay put out the front of the ship."Shiro commanded his tone wasn't too stern but it was stern enough to know that he wasn't messing around. "Uhh- about that-"

Lance looked over at Hunk who was stuffing his face with the strange fruits the fox creatures gave him. "Hunk-" Lance was cut off by one of the fox creatures who howled serving in their language. "Paladins of Voltron." The louder creature smiled. "I am Qyn. The leader of the Relkari. Pleasure to meet the saviours of our Tribe." Qyn smiled. Lance shook his head before beginning to speak, "Well.. We don't exactly know what the problem IS! Mind telling us..?" Lance said as his brow furrowed with worry. "Well, creatures in Galran armor have come here.. and they have a Galran ship. They arrived here a while ago but they haven't caused any trouble until now.." Qyn said sorrow filling his eyes and he directed at his village. "Oh. Well Hunk and I need to go- you know. To save you all." Lance smirked nudging Hunk. Hunk swung around and made a grunting sound as he slowly stood up. "Mhmm-fr-.." Hunk muffled nodding.

Pidge held the two smallest Alteans, Shiro held four slightly larger Alteans and Keith had three Alteans. Exhaustion was overwhelming Pidge as she dragged herself towards the 'entrance' ventilation system. "Are you two out the front yet?" Keith asked his hands gripping the Alteans roughly. Shiro was the first to climb into the ventilation system the Alteans he held were held closely to his chest. "Boys we need you out here now." Keith grumbled.

Lance rushed towards the broken ship, his lion swiftly bounding closer. Hunk follows along slower than Lance. "We're almost there." Lance replied to Keith's cranky request. Lance's lion landed next to the other three, and Hunk landed a few ticks after him. Shiro was the first to get out of the ship, with four strange bodies over his shoulders, two on each side. "Well-" Keith was cut off as he tumbled out behind Shiro. Pidge followed after holding two small humans, at least from Lance and Hunks distance they looked like humans. Little did they know they're Alteans.

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[Back at the place.]

"I thought Coran and I were the last ones!" Allura remarked with astonishment. "These Alteans are young.. What were they doing on such a planet?" Corn muttered confusion overwhelming the team.

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