chapter 16: roquefort cheese

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(thank you @Kunfusedx127 for the blue cheese requiem cheese of the chapter 👌👌👌)

doppio time:
"bossu call me uwu." doppio said and died.

bucci gang time:"bruh really ???" giorno said and grabbed the arrow

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bucci gang time:
"bruh really ???" giorno said and grabbed the arrow. but diavolo did not know because of all of the epic anime fog. "hahaha stupid bossu i already knew how to make everyone switch back into their own bodies hahahha stupid." bucciarati said and unzipped the sun behind him and everyone switched back into their own bodies.

"omg finally i get my dick back." mista said and went back into his body that was kind of a donut. thx 『I T  J U S T  W O R K S』. "finally my boobs and my cooch i get them back." trish said and went back into her own body.

bucciaratis soul left diavolos body and he died. rip bucci. "hey giorno, there was one thing i reminded you to do many chapters ago." bucciarati mommy said. "what is it mommy??" giorno asked.

"ok giorno, my favorite child, you promised to do something with me but never did. finish this giorno: so no..."

"chi no sadame."

"no giorno, so no head?"

then bucciarari mommy went up to heaven. "bye momy bruno." giorno said and shed a tear.

then diavolo started making inaudible diavolo noises. "DAMN IT GIORNO U FAT FUCK HOW DARE U TAKE THE ARROW FROM ME." he said. giorno just stared at him weirdly. "MAMMA MIA LOOK AT ME GIORNO LOOK AT WHO'S TRULY WORTHY. GIMME THE ARROW GIORNO. 👌👌👌!!" diavolo said (at this point they really need to make the italian hand emoji. cuz when they do im going back to all previous chapters and fixing the ok hand.)

"hey what happens if i stab myself with the arrow???" giorno said and stabbed himself with the arrow. "HAHA YOU WERE REJECTED BY THE ARROW HAHAHA STUPID GIORNO IM GONNA RIP UR HearT OUT!!!!" bossu said and then punched 『G O L D  E R E C T I O N』in the head. "HAHAHA U SHOULD BE DEAD NOW HAHAHA." he laughed.

"oh no giorno!!!" mista said. "wait a minute, look at 『G O L D  E R E C T I O N』's head, theres an eye!!!!" trish said. "holy fuck then this means giorno wasn't rejected by the arrow!!!" mista said. "mmmm yummy omg i could eat this stand for days mmm." the arrow said and made a requiem stando. then the anime fog came back and giorno was finally able to do /gamemode creative.

"im in creative mode now, bossu." giorno said and diavolo looked at giorno and his stando with disbelief. "WHAT IS THIS?!?! NANI?!?!? IS THIS REALITY!!????" diavolo asked as he looked at giornos stand. "kore ga requiem da." giorno said. "wOAh dude look at giorno's stando!! he looks cool!!" trish said. "he looks like he taped on googly eyes from the party store." mista said. "haha you're not wrong." trish said.

then giornos super cool requiem stando threw a rock at diavolo and made scorpions. "AAAA FUCK SCORPIONS." he said and stepped on them. diavolo thought it would be a super cool idea if he time skipped so he did. "HHA STUPID GIORNO. MY PREDICTION SAYS IM GONNA RIP OUT UR HEART HAHAHA STUPID GIORNO HAHAHA." he laughed and threw blood on giorno's eyes. BUT THEN THE EPIC GAMER TIME HAPPENED and his skipped time started to reverse!! "nANI?!?! WHAT IS THIS??? MASAKA!!!" he said.

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