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Hey broskis! Just came to say that I am working on the requests, I just have to write a lot so It's been some time. I didn't forget about you guys, just thought that I should mention that. If you go on my main work, I made an update that explains some things if you have questions.

I'll try my best to please you with my work, but I can't promise it'll be what you wanted, since you guys didn't specify!

And, if you're going to request something please tell me exactly what it is! I have a lot on my plate already and if I must remind you, I write these for free, and I just don't have time to take out a notebook and plan for every single request. On my main fic I posted an earlier update that showed all the requests, and I don't have time to think up something for everything, again. Next time, when you want to request something actually specify what it is. If you want you can go back to your comment and tell me exactly what you want, so that I can make it as enjoyable as I can.

In my main fic I made an update that hopefully helps you understand some things, though it's mostly for the fic.

Sorry for the wait! I promise I'll post one next week!

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