Chapter Forty

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"What else should I be?
All apologies"


"Someone better explain what the fuck is going on. Right now."

Being woken up by Frankies booming voice is akin to be woken up to an electric shock up the ass.

I woke up disoriented, not knowing what was going on or why there was a shrieking banshee in my room and pulled myself up to my elbows; trying to let the blur in my heavy eyes focus to Frankie standing in my doorway with his hands on his hips.

"Jesus Frankie I was asleep not dead, calm down" I grumble, squinting at him.

"Oh I'm sorry" he shouts, throwing his arms out at his sides and his sarcastic voice only gets louder, "Did I wake you? How rude of me!"

The volume of his voice makes me flinch as I frown at him with my eyes barely open, "Why the fuck are you yelling?"

"I wonder!" 

Next thing I hear is the sound of Harry grumbling next to me, and his hoarse voice groans "Someone better be getting murdered with all this screaming."

It's in that moment, that realisation hits my sleep fogged brain and all of a sudden I am slapped awake faster than a baby's ass just after it's been born.

Ah fuck.

I shoot upwards, sitting bolt straight, clinging blankets to my chest and glance down; thanking past me for having an insecurity about sleeping naked and putting a shirt on before I fell asleep.

Frankie can see the realisation on my face, and he looks back and forth between a still semi conscious Harry and my deer in headlights face.

He isn't angry - okay well I take that back, he's pissed but I can see the hurt look in his green eyes that are focused like lasers on me.

Fuck I knew I should have spoken to him about this sooner.

"So? Just gonna stare at me all day or are you gonna start talking?" Frankie questions, gesturing his hands to encourage me to just open my damn mouth.

"Can you keep it down, bloody hell" Harry mutters, burying his face into the pillow.

Either he doesn't realise Frankie is standing right there or doesn't give a shit.

"You mean like this?" Frankie yells at Harry like he's deaf, "Pardon me princess, didnt mean to interrupt your fuckin beauty sleep."

"Sod off Frankie. Too early for this shit" Harry groans against the pillow, then rolls onto his back and rubs his hands over his face.

Safe to say it's the second option for Harry, he just doesn't give a shit.

"Frankie I know this looks bad..." I try to reason, honestly stuck on what to say.

Frankie folds his arms over his chest, pressing his lips flat together, "No Drew, what looks bad is that you apparently have to hide shit from me."

I'm a shit fucking friend.

My heart drops, and I look at him with the guilt in my chest evident on my face, "I wasn't trying to hide it - I was going to talk to you. I just didn't know what to-"

"I was worried out of my mind Drew" he butts in, not hiding the fact that his feelings are hurt, "You ignored your phone last night and this morning, and with all this shit that's happened this week, with your mum in hospital and how you've been - do you have any idea how much I panicked when I couldn't get a hold of you?"

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