Chapter Ten

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Chapter 10

Now that Sarah was back I could sense that she was here to stir some serious trouble, I honestly didn’t get why she hated me but the fact the I shared a sort of relation with her brother just added to her hatred. As my mom used to say before she died with time people may change their bad ways but then there are some who reeked of pure evil and there was no possibility of them changing. And of course Sarah definitely fell under that category.

As she began passing her catty comments about me I just turned on my heel and made my way outside, like seriously I didn’t have time to listen to that unnecessary rambling of hers, it made me wonder how was it possible that our school’s hotty Christopher Miller was with her. I mentally laughed wasn’t it obvious SEX, that’s probably the only good thing that must have came out of their relationship. I remember Chris and I used to be really good friends but that instant Sarah and him got together he’d cut me off. I guessing him losing his virginity to was like a christening from the devil himself I thought to myself with an enormous grin and then began chuckling.

“What are you laughing at?” I quickly spun around to see Brody, I sighed in relief. “I was just thinking about something”, “Do you mind sharing that something with me?” he asked curiously , who wouldn’t why someone who seems perfectly sane was just laughing all by herself.

“Ok so promise you won’t get offended or mad please, I need to pinky swear !” “Pinky swear? Isn’t a bit 5 year oldish?”

Did he think I was immature? “What do you mean? Everyone still pinky swears!”

“Fine pinky swear! Now what was so funny?”

“I was just remembering when Sarah’s boyfriend Chris and I used to be really close friends, it was Chris, Liam and I actually, we were basically inseparable until Sarah hooked up with him and they got together. Chris stopped talking to us so I was just thinking that umm, you know him losing it to her was umm… like a christening from the devil himself.” I said cracking up in laughter on my last line.

Brody just stood there deadpan, could his anger be any more visible and this is why I didn’t want to tell him , it’s his sister any guy would be mad to hear that. Feeling extremely bad I quickly collected myself and stopped laughing and apologized.

His stern expression suddenly faded away and he erupted in laughter “Aw Alex you’re so gullible, you thought I was mad,” he said making his way towards me, I turned away feeling stupid for apologizing “You’re a jerk you know that!” I said and began stomping off from him. He held me by the risk and said “I know that kind of person my sister is but, your expression was priceless” engulfing me in a hug that of course after a little struggle to push him off I eventually succumbed to it.

That night we had dinner in silence apart from the minor attempts of conversations initiated by Brenda, of course I tried my best to refrain from responding to Sarah’s bitch like comments as my mother told always said if you don’t something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Pertaining to Sarah I had absolutely nothing nice to say about her so the best way to avoid any conflict with her was to just practice the art of ignore and utter silence. Ignoring someone somehow always had a way of getting under their skin and simply increasing their anger when you’re not retaliating against them, they just won’t be satisfied until you show them that whatever they’re doing is affecting you.  For the next couple of days that’s exactly what I did, I saw her hatred increase so much over the last couple of days that I’m pretty sure her face was going to be permanently red with a scowl expression.

“Hey Alex I know for the past few days we’ve just been at home and I haven’t been able to take you out so tonight let’s have a date night we’ll leave at 6pm so be ready on time,” said Brody as he planted a soft kiss on my forehead. My period was here and boy was I cranky maybe he took notice to this and wanted to cheer me up I guess.

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